April 18, 2017

Rainbow Tulip Scenes from Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah

Here are a few mores shots of the bulbs in bloom on Temple Square.

The bright red looks so lovely with a violet underplanting.

Many areas felt more formal, but this bed had the feel of a meadow.

Complementary gold and violet worked well together along with some airy white daffodils.

These tulips are accurately named 'Giant Orange Sunrise,' and they were the biggest tulips I'd ever seen.  Very impressive.

Here in Spokane the bloom season is a few weeks behind Temple Square, so I'm still looking forward to seeing the tulips bloom at the Spokane Temple and in my garden.

April 11, 2017

Pastel Tulip Scenes from Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah

We traveled to Utah last week and visited Temple Square in Salt Lake City to see the spring bulbs in full bloom.

I didn't have my good camera with me, so these shots are all from my cell phone.  I'm posting them anyway since I don't know when I'll be back to take better pictures.

The different displays just kept going and going.  We had limited time to stay, so I hurried around with a big grin on my face, madly snapping photos.

I liked how this area echoed the rusty-orange concrete with orange tulips in the bed.

Wall planters were filled with pansies and bulbs in colors that coordinated with the beds nearby.

The spicy-sweet fragrance of hyacinths wafted through the area.  What a lovely experience!
Next week I'll post pictures of the deeper rainbow hues.

March 25, 2017

Little March Beauties

It finally feels like spring with small bulbs blooming all over the front yard.  The photo above includes 'Golden Bunch' and 'Grand Maitre' crocus flowers, a 'Pink Tea Cup' Lenten Rose (Helleborus), and striped foliage from 'Jaap Groot' tulips.

The afternoon light shining through the petals makes a pretty scene.  Emerging daylily foliage creates a nice green backdrop for the violet flowers.

This winter wasn't the harshest one we've seen here in Spokane, but it was a lot colder and snowier than the past few years.  Seeing color in the garden again feels fabulous.

In the backyard east of the house, clusters of 'Harmony' miniature iris are blooming for the second spring since planting.  The drawback to these bulbs is that their leaves keep growing to reach over a foot long, so they are more noticeable as they die back.  But their gorgeous cobalt blue color and reblooming ability make them keepers in my garden.

'Ruby Glow' Crocus are a warm violet next to the blue iris.  I purposefully left leaf litter in this area to see if I can handle the disarray as it decomposes naturally and enriches the soil.

Nearby a 'Berry Swirl' Lenten Rose is starting its long bloom season.  It's a happy time of year as the sun regains some strength and the garden reawakens.

February 21, 2017

Missing the Green

It snowed again this morning, and I'm really missing our green backyard.

The other day it warmed up enough in the afternoon to sit in a coat on one of the benches for a few minutes, but the view wasn't this nice.

Grey and brown, brown and grey, white and more white . . . . winter needs to stop now!

I'll take some chartreuse along with the green, please.

And some purple leaves, too.  Any day now.  They're coming!

February 10, 2017

Snowy Winter, Slow Remodel

This winter has brought nearly six feet of snow to Spokane so far, with more likely to come.   My children have enjoyed sledding and building giant snow forts, but I think everyone is looking forward to spring by now.  I have to remind myself that these long, snowy winters are the reason we have water for the garden in the summers.
My boxwood shrubs have had branches flattened by the snow, but so far they have bounced back without breaking as the snow recedes.  The 'Otto Luyken' laurels are completely brown from subzero temperatures and frigid winds.  Thankfully no tree branches have broken from the heavy snow and ice.

Our remodeling project, originally to be finished by Thanksgiving, still lingers on.  We wait more patiently some days than others!  But after seven weeks with a gutted kitchen, we are very happy to have a functional sink and appliances again.  Backsplash, trim, roof, siding, vent hood, patio, an new pendant shade, seventeen holes in the ceiling to patch, tiles popping loose to be fixed . . . then we'll be done and I'll post more pictures.

 Meanwhile we are enjoying more light from all the new windows.  We hosted a big family dinner last weekend and the new dining room worked just as we hoped it would.  With seven windows, two skylights, and a sliding door, the new space feels like part of the garden.