February 23, 2008

About the Author and VW Garden Blog Purpose

My dad introduced me to gardening when I was a teenager, and I loved it so much that I earned a bachelor's degree in Urban Horticulture and Landscape Design. By the time I graduated, I had worked in two plant nurseries. I haven't pursued landscape design as a business, but happily give gardening and landscape design advice to friends and neighbors. Occasionally I take on a full-blown landscape design project, and I enjoy opportunities to teach gardening/design classes. After purchasing my first - and hopefully last - home in the summer of 2007, I've been ravenously researching, planning, planting and transplanting the plants that I want to have around me for the next few decades.
This blog will provide a place for me to record some of my knowledge and experience with landscape design and gardening, and hopefully allow others to learn from it.

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  1. Your site is wonderful and so timely for me. In April we purchased a home in a desert climate and we will be basically starting from scratch. So I am really looking forward to coming here often for ideas, advice, and just to see the lovely pictures. I am so excited!


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