June 4, 2008

Hooked On Iris

Bearded iris (also known as German Iris) are one of those plants that people go nuts over - like roses, daylilies and hostas. There are thousands and thousands of cultivars. I recently ignored my kids for a couple of hours so I could research some fabulous choices for my garden. A few of my choices are reblooming, so they should bloom once in spring and then again in late summer or fall. I generally prefer flowers of all one color, as I think they make a better show when mixed into the garden. These are called "selfs" in the iris world. All of the following are selfs. At first I tried to balance my color selection, but I was completely seduced by the blues. Blues are hard to find for the garden, so I went ahead and ordered a bunch of them!
All of these iris are available from schreinersgardens.com. If your order totals $80 or more, everything becomes half price, in which case you pay $40 (or half your total) plus shipping. That makes for a good deal, though the plants seem expensive if you buy them full price.

Reblooming yellow - 'Pure As Gold'

Reblooming white - 'Immortality'

Rosy pink - 'Coming Up Roses'

Short rosy pink - 'Pink Bubbles'

Cranberry - 'Cranberry Ice'

Dark purple - 'Titan's Glory'

Light Blue - 'Rapture in Blue'

Medium Blue - 'Full Tide'

Medium blue/violet - 'Rippling River'

Medium blue/violet - 'Mer Du Sud'

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  1. Hey Valynn--I found you!!! Great blog. These flowers always remind me of Alice in Wonderland.


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