October 14, 2008

Flower Arrangements

As noted in my last post, I'm planning to order a Yves Piaget rose. I fell in love with it when my friend Sandy let me cut hers for arrangements. Here's a picture of one arrangement. Yves Piaget is the mauve rose. Too bad the picture can't capture the wonderful fragrance!

I might as well post some other pictures of arrangements that I've made. Here's one with white roses from Costco and light blue plumbago from my California garden (a vigorous shrub that isn't hardy here in Spokane).

The following picture is of a bouquet that I did for a wedding in California. I love the warm yellow and coral roses with a touch of cool lavender larkspur.

Here's one I made for my sister's wedding. We ordered the red roses from Costco.com, and they were shipped directly from Costa Rica (or somewhere else in South America) to our door. The stems were 3 feet long, and the flower heads were giant! They opened beautifully over several weeks. We bought a few additional roses from a local Costco, and they didn't compare at all in size, beauty or longevity.

This final picture is of a cute bouquet that I made for a very low-budget wedding. I cut the pink Bonica roses and white daisies from my friend Abby's yard. I cut floral foam in the shape of a 'T', stuck the stems into the top part, and wrapped the bottom of the foam in a sandwich bag, taped it with clear packing tape, and wrapped ribbon around it. Very unconventional, but it worked just fine for the wedding!


  1. Wow Valynn those are gorgeous you are very talented.

  2. Beautiful! I miss the days of having fresh flowers in my house. I can almost smell them.


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