December 18, 2008

Swinging In the Snow

We didn't have to worry about the kids falling off the swings today, with two feet of fluffy fresh snow to cushion their fall.

And is that a line of soldiers with tall caps marching by? No, just snow piled high on the tops of our neighbor's mini-gazebos.

Hubby told me (after the fact) he helped leaf-raker boy climb onto our tacky tin awning to scrape off the heavy snow, then held his hand as he jumped off. Um, mom wouldn't EVER encourage her kiddo to jump off the roof, snow or not. Hmm.

The scene from our front porch. Join us for lemonade? With a high of 19 degrees F, we could forget about ice cubes and just use our fingers instead.


  1. My goodness what a pile of that old white stuff!
    I am sure the kiddos are loving it though. That much snow would shut down our state for a week.

  2. VW,
    Amazing-2 feet of snow in one day!!
    Seattle streets are closed by the dozens, the streets in my neighborhood are icy with snow on top, and now I hear we're getting round #3 on Sunday.
    Stay warm and safe there! ~Aerie-el

  3. VW .. Now that is what I am used to seeing this time of year .. and hey ! we used to jump off our garage roof to "ginormous" snowdrifts !!
    It is the Canadian way EH !!
    and ..... misery loves company : )
    hehehehehehe !

  4. VW... WOW... if not for the colorful clothing of your kiddos everything would be white. At least it "feels like" Christmas with all that fluffy white stuff topping all the surfaces. It is hard for me to imagine living in that kind of snow but it sure is magical looking to this Florida native.
    Hope you and your beautiful family have a very Merry (and warm) Christmas.

  5. Wow! You really can't do any outdoor gardening, can you? It all looks so cosy and beautiful - but then it is possible that I am idealizing it since I have never experienced anything like that except on skiing holidays. And even then sometimes the snow cover was very light.


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