May 15, 2009

GBBD: May Flowers in Spokane Valley

I've been meaning to join the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day fun over at Carol's blog but haven't had many flowers in recent months. I do have a few blooms right now, though I'm cheating a bit since several were purchased in bloom from the garden center this spring. Here are a few shots taken at sunset today.

My 'Spring Snow' crabapples are perfectly sweet as they bloom for the first time in my garden- and they have a pleasant fragrance, unlike the stinky flowering pears in nearby yards.

My friend Robyne gave me bunches of these dwarf purple iris last year. Their early blooms have been much appreciated this spring.

The flowers on my dark pink (red?) dogwood are almost fully grown, and so lovely. Blooms on my light pink and white dogwoods are starting to appear, but they get less sun so the show is delayed.

And here the cheating begins - this 'Mrs C' clematis was purchased from WalMart last week.

'The President' clematis also came home from WalMart. I now have five types of clematis: one white (Candida), two light periwinkle (Will Goodwin and Mrs. C), and two deep blue-violet (The President and Bonanza). All are babies but should put on quite a show in coming years.

This white thrift (Armeria) is a recent purchase but would be close to blooming even if planted last year, as my pink varieties are nearly there.

I'm unsure what type of muscari this is, but the blue color is very interesting. This is the second year of bloom for them, and they have multiplied into little clumps.

This 'Caradonna' salvia came home from Lowe's last month. I'm excited to use the flowers in arrangements.

It's hard to get the colors just right on the computer screen. This salvia is 'May Night', and the flowers are a very similar color to 'Caradonna', though without the dark stems. This one is a recent purchase from Home Depot. The three others I planted last year are just showing buds.

A number of candytufts - started from seed two years ago - are blooming their heads off in the front yard. I'll probably give them away eventually, though, as I find that I'm craving color in the spring.

All of my snowdrop anemones had to be dug up and moved into pots, as their roots were extremely aggressive in my sandy flowerbed soil. The flowers ripen into puffy seedheads that look like cotton swabs.

Ivy geraniums like this one have to be treated as annuals here. I hadn't ever seen a double-flowered plant until I noticed this one at my local nursery (Gibson's). Don't the flowers remind you of spray roses? They're a favorite cut flower of mine as well.

That ends the bloom day tour of my yard. Carol named her blog after her favorite month in the garden. I'd have to say that June is the very best month for my garden, so I'll definitely try to participate next month as well.


  1. Very nice blooms VW! Ivy geranium is very pretty, indeed.

  2. So good to see things are blooming and doing well after the record snows (and cold?) this winter! I'm really enjoying clematis since moving to WA, and your photos really highlight their beauty.
    Happy GBBD and have a great weekend!

  3. Beautiful dogwood flowers. The ones in California are pretty much done. Wish they lasted longer, but so nice while they last.

  4. Hi VW~~ I was sure the geranium was a rose! And what color. My year+ old salvias are about where yours are. But also like you I've got a newbie that is blooming. That is some Muscari--beautiful with its fluffy blossoms. And the dogwood and the iris and the clematis....

  5. Gorgeous blooms VW! The ameria and candytuft are most lovely. I think your muscari may be 'Blue Spike'.

  6. Love the hyacinth, so ruffley. Ivy geranium looks so great throughout the summer, I remember it in window boxes in Germany.

  7. VW ... I have quite a few cardonna salvia and they are very pretty indeed !
    My snowdrop anemone have round little heads waiting to smile at me soon ?
    You have some gorgeous blooms for this post : )

  8. Great photos. I lost my clematis when I put a new fence in last year and haven't gotten around to replacing them, so this is good inspiration. I like the looks of the President (no pun intended) so might give that one a try. Hopefully will look nice with all my peach and apricot flowers.

  9. I so envy you your red dogwood! Beautiful.

  10. Very pretty! I love the crabapple. Your new flowers are all really pretty, I love the clematis :)
    Hope you are enjoying the same sun we have over here today!

  11. Your yard is alive with color. What a show already. I am so glad spring is really there in your part of the world!

  12. Hi VW, Wonderful flowers, and wonderful photos. I especially love the dogwood because it looks Japanesey and very elegant. Hope you're Ok allergy-wise. In my part of the world it's autumn, with wonderful orange and yellow leaves dropping and asking to be collected for mulch. cheers,catmint

  13. Hi VW! Cheating! No way...they are beautiful clematis and in your garden! They will put on quite a show as they grow. I love the water colored dwarf shimmers purple! Have a good week. gail

  14. Hi VW, such beauty! The red dogwood, I agree the name is deceiving but it seems the darker pink ones like your are called red by the trade, is fantastic. Such a wonderful tree in all seasons. The blues of the clemmies are both soothing and exciting at the same time, is that possible? I would keep some of the candytuft though, the white sets off the other colors so nicely. The perargonum does look like a rose. I see in the previous post how many roses you have! Your garden must be sweeter than pie! :-)

  15. I haven't ordered plants yet at this stage in my gardening life, but I see the appeal! Your clematis is gorgeous! The first photo is spectacular.


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