December 14, 2009

Classic Christmas Poinsettias

Here are a few more poinsettia pictures from my Plant Farm visit, this time of the classic red and green flowers.

This month has been too busy to leave much time for blogging. I'm getting ready for 18 guests for Christmas Eve dinner. Eight of those will stay with us for four days. My Costco grocery list is really long!

My six amaryllis are blooming their big heads off. I'm taking pictures to post soon. It's great to have some blooms around while the garden is asleep outside.

With temperatures dropping down to just above zero last week, I'm feeling very grateful for a warm home. With the shortest day of the year coming up, I'm especially enjoying the Christmas lights around our neighborhood. I hope the holiday season is a good one for all of you. Good luck getting it all done . . . or at least the essential things!


  1. Wow!! Those are gorgeous poinsettias! Have you ever kept them over? (That's something I tried last year and just couldn't keep the schedule!) ;-)

  2. I have never saw a poinsettia like the green, red and white leaved one. I usually get red ones. Boring ;-)
    This year I did change and got a dark pink one.

  3. Your photos are just stunning! I have been using your photo hints and have seen improvement in my own pictures. I just love the red and white poinsettia.

  4. Wonderful shots of the points. Great and colorful.

    Happy shopping, make sure to make some time for yourself before your company comes.


  5. I like these poinsettias very much. So long as they aren't dyed blue, orange or some other aberration, I'm good with them. :-)Very fine photos.

  6. They are beautiful VW~~I imagine your home is looking quite festive....with amaryllis blooming and decorations up. gail

  7. Wow aren't they looking great!!! Poinsettias are commmon in winter here. There are two versions here. one is very tall the other is just tall. Wonderful color.

  8. Loving the poinsettia pics. I do adore these flowers when they are left au naturel and not glittered or dyed a sick shade of blue. Merry Christmas VW! If you set your table, please take a pic of it for us to see.~~Dee

  9. VW, I wish you and your family a very happy christmas, and may next year brings much happiness and tons of blessings to you all.
    Muchos cariños
    Maria Cecilia
    p.s. these poinsettias are fabulous, perfect for christmas time!!!

  10. I know what you mean about busy times. Love the second photo of the poinsettias.
    I got my new camera! XSi--- there was a deal with a second lens, too good to pass up. Now comes the learning.


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