February 10, 2010

Mugshots: 4 Peach Daylilies, Part II

When I mentioned peach daylilies in my last post, it reminded me that I had never finished posting my mugshots of the last 4 peachy daylilies in my garden. So here goes.

1. Apricot Sparkles - 12-18 inch tall scapes, 4 in flowers, very early to late season, from my local nursery, Gibson's

The buzz about this new daylily is its long blooming season - comparable to Stella d'Oro, according to the descriptions I've read. It's also similarly sized to Stella, so I think they'll make a good match. I bought this one in mid-summer, and the nursery had been keeping it in a shaded location, so I didn't see a whole lot of blooms from the baby plant last season. But I've got it planted near Stella and am looking forward to lots of pure peach blooms next year.

The sparkles in its name refer to the diamond dusting on the petals. If you look closely, you'll see the sparkles in the picture above.

2. Elizabeth Salter - 22 in tall scapes, 5.5 in flowers, mid-season, from Oakes Daylilies

This flower shows a hint of rose with the peach. I think it looks very similar to Autumn Wood (another of my peachy daylilies, described here).

I love the pretty ruffles, and it is reported to rebloom. I can't remember if it did for me or not. In short season climates like Spokane, rebloom is never guaranteed.

3. Jean Swann - 32 in tall scapes, 6 in flowers, mid-late season, from Bloomin Designs nursery

The double, pale peach flowers on this plant are lovely. Bloomin Designs' website says the flowers are ivory to yellow, but in my cool climate the color is light peach. Maybe it's ivory in areas with high nighttime temperatures. Not all of the flowers end up double, as you see below.

I have a problem with the height of this daylily - its scapes are almost 3 feet (1 meter) tall. Plants like that need plenty of room to form a proportionate clump, and they need a deep flower bed to look balanced. I don't have any deep flower beds in my front yard, and peach doesn't work with the colors schemes in my backyard. So I'm not sure quite what to do with this plant.

You can see how awkward the tall scape looks in its current position. Maybe one of my gardener friends would like this plant?

4. Spanish Glow - 26 in tall scapes, 5 in flowers, mid-late season, from Gibson's

When I bought this plant, I had no good spot for it. But it was a Designer Daylily, selected for its outstanding performance in the garden (Apricot Sparkles also made the list). So I really needed it, right? In fact, when I just went to the Designer Daylily website to add the link above, 'South Seas' caught my eye and now I'm thinking of where I could put that fabulous coral color. Maybe in the West garden with all the other vivid colors . . .

No wonder there are so many daylily collectors in the gardening world. I think I'm addicted. Anyway, here is my new stone facing again. We'll just have to wait and see how these peachy flowers look against this backdrop. I'll be sure to post pictures this summer.


  1. A Peachy Post! ;-) They're all very pretty... love the sparkles. Yes, I'm very addicted to daylilies myself. I'm looking for a few more places to plant them. ha! I'm sure one of your gardening friends would take that daylily off your hands! (I would, but you'd have to ship it.... $!) Have a great day!

  2. I love seeing your Daylilies. I only have one that came with the house. I'd love to add some but can never think of what to plant them with (or where I have room).
    I never realized how many choices were out there. I love the sparkles and the double!

  3. That double, Jean Swann, has me rethinking daylilies. They're such ideal cover for fading daffodils. I know deer like them, but now I'm scheming about planting them near the street where the deer don't tarry. Thanks VW!

  4. Love the new stone siding. It looks great! The daylilies are lovely. So is that iris the second picture over on your header. Wow!!!

  5. I think the peachy daylilies will love great with that stone wall, VW! As for finding the right spot for the tall one, we have found that putting all the tall ones together, not by color but by height, and the minis together too, looks right. Grasses and other tall plants like phlox make good neighbors. I love those sparkles! My daughter has Elizabeth Salter and it is a blooming machine! :-)

  6. I love the pretty peach colors. I have never seen a double day lily before - they are beautiful. I grew some day lilies in our previous home in Phoenix and they did quite well.

  7. I love the double daylily...She's a pretty thing and E Salter looks like a keeper...Long bloom is to be embraced! I might need more....gail

  8. Hi VW~~ I LOVE your stone work. I mean rip-it-off-the-wall-and-give-it-to-me LOVE IT. I think the varying colors are going to work really well with whatever flower colors you choose.

    I don't see any snow on the ground so I take it you're still having mild temps. Isn't this great?

    Beautiful daylilies, even if they aren't pink. LOL I'm thinking you could plant an equally tall growing plant to complement the daylily. Perhaps Dahlias or cannas, something taller but without the girth ... just a thought.

  9. Hi VW, love your double Jean Swann. It is beautiful. I like the diamonds on the first one too. Heck, this time of year I love them all! I do think your peachy colored blooms will go very well with the new stone. Have fun with it and enjoy the new additions.

  10. They certainly do sparkle don't they? What gorgeous flowers.


  11. Those flowers were really beautiful.I like its color.

  12. VW girl ! I have been out of the loop for a while and just trying to catch up a bit now.
    I love the stone work .. I agree with Grace .. rip it off and mail it to me girl ;-)
    I have Apricot Sparkles and it is a pretty one.
    So many new cultivars are coming up it is mind boggling ! .. I couldn't imagine a garden without a few though .. I think I will be looking for some really dark ones now .. I have too many yellow tone ones .. need some contrast with that !

  13. There ARE so many lilies, VW...I think you really 'have' to be an addict in order to get to know all of them, otherwise it'd be impossible! I like the diamond sparkle lily, and the frilly one. The stone facing on your home is gorgeous! Just about any plant would look fabulous in front of that. Where is spring? I cannot wait;-)


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