June 7, 2010

Wedding Flowers and Temple Landscaping

My brother got married last weekend at the LDS temple in Richland, WA, and of course I took some pictures of the flowers and landscaping around the temple. The roses were in full bloom and were breathtaking!

The landscaping made good use of large masses of plants. I'm not sure which rose this is. The flowers look too big to be 'Bonica' and too full to be 'The Fairy'. Maybe they're J&P 'Pink Simplicity' or something.

Isn't this a lovely scene? Especially for us pink lovers! There was a high wind advisory in effect, and several rain storms passed through in the days before and after the wedding. But were lucky to have sunny, calm weather for photos after the wedding.

I was fascinated with the evening light filtering through these hardy geraniums. They looked magical.

Right now this area is mostly green, but the curving swathe of daylilies will erupt into bloom soon.

This rose is my mom's favorite color. My husband gets a kick from pointing that out whenever we come across some especially vivid hot pink.

The temple had plenty of my favorite shrub: 'Otto Luyken' laurels. What good taste the designers had!

We brought a few of our own flowers to the temple, including this giant fake one in my daughter's hair. You can see the deep blue-violet of 'May Night' salvia and vivid hot pink of 'Knockout' roses in the background.

The wedding colors were orange, aqua and white. The deep orange roses and white peonies in the bridal bouquet were lovely.

I think this photo turned out really cool. Look at that gorgeous sky and white clouds behind the steeple. The temple is such a beautiful place.

And here's the happy couple right after the wedding. Congratulations, you two!


  1. Hi VW,

    WOW, those pink roses... Just... Wow, taken my breath away with how stunning they are.

    Beautiful photos, such wonderful images to remember the day by, you must be thrilled!

  2. It's beautifully landscaped and the happy couple look~happy! Your daughter is really adorable. gail

  3. Hi VW, all are super photos but that first one with the backlighting just makes those roses glow. Gorgeous!! I am sending the link of this posting to friends of my daughter who are in Salt Lake, just had their first baby. They would love the photo of the temple.

  4. Those roses are so completely full of pink powder puffs, that it looks like someone tied little bouquets on them. It creates a very pretty effect of wall to wall flowers.

    Your daughter looks so sweet with the white flower in her hair and that cute smile.

  5. Hi VW, Congrats to the happy couple. That first rose photo is just delicious. What an absolutely gorgeous rose. The grounds are beautiful and your daughter is a total cutie pie!

  6. VW that was so beautiful !
    The landscaping was simply gorgeous and those colours were so vivid .. how lucky was it to have the wedding on such a gorgeous day !
    I also love to see different light values and take loads of pictures trying to capture it.
    Congratulations to the happy couple and your daughter looked too cute with her special flower !
    Joy : )
    Hot pink eh ? LOL

  7. No laurels at the temple in our city. I don't suppose they would be very happy in zone 3 in the shade.

    I noticed that you planted 'Prairiefire' crabapple this year. I have been hunting for it all season with no luck. If I can manage to track it down I will be a happy camper.

    Your photos are very impressive...the colors really pop!

    Christine in Alaska

  8. Many congrats to the happy couple. And what a cutie your daughter is! Your pictures are absolutely stunning!

  9. The landscaping at temples is always very stunning. My brother was married in the Portland, OR temple and that was unforgettable.
    I like the photo of your daughter with the flower in her hair. cute!

  10. Beautiful landscaping around the temple. The roses look so luxuriant. Beautiful little girl and beautiful couple too.

  11. Congratulations to your brother! The flowers are just gorgeous. I love pink roses!

  12. Wow! What beautiful roses. I loved your sequence of photos. Your daughter is as cute as can be. Your brother and his new bride look very happy!

    I've just been looking at your wish list. You will love Fern 'Frizelliae.' I hate to tell you that I'm about to get rid of liriope. I really like it, but . . .

  13. Congratulations are in order!

    The roses look in perfect health.

    For a second, I thought the geranium might be an Erodium but it's a bit too large.

    Glad the wind was calm. Nothing more irritating than trying to shoot close up and everything waving from side to side!

  14. Those grounds are gorgeous. Oh and the little girl with the flower in her hair, your daughter, what a beauty there! The photo of the sky looks like a painting. Congrats to the happy couple..

  15. Great post, beautiful flower for weddings. Thanks for wedding flowers ideas!

  16. That was a great flower photos they are all perfect wedding flowers, I love it.



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