August 4, 2010

Peachy-Keen Flowers

I seem to remember using the phrase 'peachy-keen' in elementary school. It was a pretty way of saying 'cool!'

Although I haven't used that phrase in years, it seemed like a good way to describe the flowers for today's post.

The first three photos are all of delphinium 'Princess Caroline'. Although these shots are pretty, the plants aren't growing very well for me. That probably has something to do with me not staking this year . . .

Here is a shot of the first flowers on astilbe 'Peach Blossom'. Doesn't it look more pink than peach? Bluestone Perennials says that this cultivar is the best for handling dry conditions, so when I saw a pretty plant at Lowe's for a good price, it came home with me.

This is a bud of the daylily 'Millie Schlumpf'. I have three Millies planted next to some Pink Double Delight coneflowers, and I really wasn't sure how the colors would work together. But the peach and mauve-pink are looking good along with periwinkle 'Rozanne' geranium flowers.

Here's an open flower from Millie in the warm evening light. My daylilies are mostly planted in the front yard, so they all got transplanted when we relandscaped this spring. They're sending out some blooms, but not an overwhelming amount. Next year will be better.

This is an 'Abraham Darby' rose up close. Imagine a sweet citrus scent to go along with the flounce of petals.

All of these peach flowers are making me excited to see the blooms on my new 'Kopper Kettle' peony (leaves shown above). Click the name to see pictures at Monrovia's website. Isn't it going to be beautiful next spring! It had better be, for the price I paid.


  1. Lovely post ... peach is the perfect word to describe this summery post.

  2. What a beautiful delphinium. I want it! :-) I also like the astilbe; how tall is it? -Jean

  3. I've never seen a peach delphinium before, it's very pretty. I love the Daylily! I bet it looks really good by the Coneflowers.
    Can't wait to see pictures of your 'Kopper Kettle' it does look like it'll be pretty.

  4. Stunning colors and so gentle~I like peachy-keen flowers like these. gail

  5. Your peachy toned blooms are so pretty! I think I might have one lily that is peach and I think it may have started out pink? ( can a lily change color or am I just a ditz and forgot the name?)

    The delphinium is gorgeous! Are these the tall variety?

  6. Jean - Peach Blossom is supposed to be about 20 inches tall, plant 18 inches apart. Mine is a little shorter but isn't established all the way yet.
    Rosey - these delphs are medium-sized - about 3 or 3.5 feet tall. And my daylilies seem to have slightly different colors on different days, depending on the temperature and other factors. I think different soil types can bring out different colors, too.

  7. I hope Kopper Kettle peony blooms profusely for you next spring.

    I would never have guessed the first three photos were delphinium

  8. I remember using the term 'peachy' keen. Now I hear and say just 'peachy' more than peachy keen but I still like the term! Great description for your peach flowers. The astilbe does look kind of pink but also reflections of peach. The peach sure does stand out and is a favored color of mine. I just realized I don't have many peach flowers:( Great shots!

  9. You know, I never really liked astilbe, but you are changing my mind. Yours really are so delicate and pretty. Nice pics!

  10. Loving all your flowers here... and oh your stunning roses from the previous post!!!! Such lovelies!!
    maria cecilia


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