November 22, 2010

Oriental Lilies From Late July

These pictures of Oriental lilies are from late July of this year. Lilies are a nice way to perk up the garden after the big burst of blooms in June. They are one of a very few things blooming in my garden by midsummer.

The first four photos are of 'Stargazer', which is the most famous Oriental lily. I posted about lilies last year (here), but these photos are better. In this photo you can also see white Physostegia 'Miss Manners', otherwise known as obedient plant.

Unlike many types of lilies with downward-facing flowers, all of the lilies in this post face out or upward. They grow 2-4 feet tall, bloom for a few weeks in midsummer, are hardy in zones 4-10, and gradually increase in number.

Maybe the coolest trait of lilies is that they have contractile roots. This means that the roots can pull the bulb down to the correct depth.

Here is a shot of 'Casa Blanca', the classic white Oriental lily. Oriental lilies are known for their strong fragrance. I love to catch a whiff of it outside, but inside it's too strong for me.

These last two photos show 'Brasilia'. You can see the interesting variation in color between the different flowers. All of these plants were added a few years ago, and they're still going strong.

Perhaps the only con of lilies is the mess their anthers make if you brush up against them. I have been unable to remove their stains in a few shirts. But if you're careful to avoid that problem, then lilies are pure joy for the midsummer garden.


  1. Hello. Oh, girl your lilies are so gorgeous. I have been on a lily kick for the last two years now. In a couple of years they should be blooming everywhere in my garden. I love your Brasilia. It looks so delicate and dainty. So very pretty. Wishing you and yours wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. When looking for images of lighter colored poinsettia, google brought up your site. And the images of your post of Jan. 09 are gorgeous. They are not in the stores yet,
    so I'm asking you permission to use your photos of that post as reference material formy oil painting.
    Please let me know, here or on my blog castlestgermain(dot)blogspot(dot)com
    Thanks for writing me back:), Jeannette

  3. Hi VW, such wonderful lilies, so perfect . They are great inside in vases but I have learned that the orange spor-ey stuff is like a dye, and especially stains beige carpet! Fascinating to read about the contractile roots, love to learn new stuff. cheers, catmint

  4. Hello VW
    I just love how lilies fill a room with scent. Your photos are divine!

  5. VW, I had Lilies in Virignia that the voles finally ate. Now that I am in a new garden place, I think I need to put some lilies in. (and I like to bring them in...just one)

  6. Gorgeous and they look so lovely in a full sun garden~Sigh;) gail


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