January 7, 2012

Plant Orders for Spring 2012

The garden is all brown and grey right now, but these 'Queen Charlotte' violets will be among the first flowers to bloom in a month or two. After rummaging through all the catalogs that keep coming in the mail, I've made several plant orders for the spring.

From David Austin Roses I ordered three pink 'Harlow Carr' English roses. Can't ever have too many pink English roses! From Bluestone Perennials, I selected Anemone tomentosa 'Robustissima', Echinacea purpurea 'Pink Poodle', Aquilegia vulgaris 'Lime Sorbet' and Scabiosa caucasica 'Fama'. Heronswood will be sending Anemone nemorosa 'Vestal' (a pretty double form) and Helleborus x hybridus 'Kingston Cardinal' (to replace the one I killed last year by transplanting too much). And I requested Campanula porcharskyana 'Blue Gown', Hemerocallis 'Woodside Romance' and Epimedium 'Alabaster' (another double white flower - for dry shade) from White Flower Farm. What have you other gardeners been ordering? Anything that I really need but don't know it yet?


  1. Hi... enjoyed your post today. I have to admit that I started ordering plants in late September! Now the impulsive ordering has begun so that the normal running about the yard trying to figure where this and that will fit in can be fully implemented in Spring! Larry

  2. Hi! I ordered five purple roses: Baron Girod De L´Ain, Falstaff, Guy Savoy® delstrimen, Munstead Wood, Rose des 4 vents® delroufa. And many more seeds from England.
    We in Estonia are still waiting for "real" winter - usually in January and February the weather becomes very cold and we have much snow. Last year we had about 1 m of snow.
    Best regards! Karin

  3. Hi VW,

    So glad to see you're ordering 'Harlow Carr' and I look forward to seeing photos over the summer! :)
    You *need* Erysimum 'bowles mauve', it's amazing! Blooms for months on end, attracts butterflies and other insects. I love it - mine is still blooming now and has been since I bought it in May.

    Epimedium likes dry shade, you say? Hrmmmm I need some of that here! For years I've been tempted to get some but always back out, but now I know dry shade is their thing I think I'll have to get some.

  4. Some wonderful choices. That will help with your garden for color when you don't have it and you can't go wrong with Roses.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. Oh, I'm behind! I haven't ordered anything yet - just started thinking about what I want. Well, I did order some flower seeds, but they're so small, do they really count? :) My main focus this year will be on groundcovers. I'm hoping that if the ground is completely covered, the weeds won't be so prolific! (fingers crossed) Enjoy your new plants!

  6. It's so fun to start thinking about ordering and planting now. I planted 'Harlow Carr' last summer and just love it! I've ordered seeds so far, no plants yet.

  7. Hi... I responded to your comment on my site, but I am really curious to know more regarding the lamps you mentioned... Thank you so much for the complements on the Dragonfly... there are several more lamps of mine if you click on that photo, that come up as a page below the photo... since you aren't an avid fan of many Tiffany lamps I'd be curious to know whether you're thinking in terms of true Tiffany designs and quality (and their reproductions), or the knockoffs so available these days to which the name Tiffany is attributed... many of these would cause poor old Louis Comfort Tiffany to roll over in his grave!!
    Just curious! Larry

  8. I like the violets, my garden is lacking in them, but maybe this fall... I have only ordered a lot of seeds, a bicolor butterfly bush and the ketchup and mustard rose. It has a funny name, but a beautiful bloom. I also have about 35 more I'd like to buy, but don't know where to put them. If I can figure that out and where to get the money...

  9. I've ordered seeds from UK, Estonia and Finland. And I'm planning to order some corms from Eurobulb, Holland. We have about 20cm snow and that's good that I can bury pots with snow: Now I've 142 pots/sort of perennial seeds having some 'cold treatment'. You have so different cultivars there but I have Aquilegia 'Lime sorbet' seeds, too. Actually, I have sown 22 different Aquilegia cultivars :)
    ps. Love those Violas! Gorgeous pictures!

  10. How can I resist this post !
    I have been too busy ordering plants .. I will be going eekkk ! LOL
    2 climbing roses , Zepherine Drouhin and Ilse Khron Superior ..Clematis Joe Zary and "Twinkle" a bush clematis, my first!
    White Licorice "Weeks" rose which I missed out on last year, so I am HAPPY for that ! .. Astilbe Younique Silvery Pink,veronicastrum Fascination .. Red Racer hellebore .. well VW .. the list goes on a bit .. I think I did over do it but you can not find the out of the ordinary plants here .. so mail order is a life line for me : )


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