April 24, 2012

'Golden Lotus' Hellebore - Winter Jewels Series

This beautiful 'Golden Lotus' hellebore has been blooming for over a month in my spring garden. It is one of the double-flowered 'Winter Jewels' series from the O'Byrnes in Oregon. Since it is a seedling line, the flowers show variation from one plant to another, with some having none of the maroon edging shown here.

It's amazing how long each flower lasts, partly because the temperatures are so cool during bloom time. As they age, the flowers turn green. These photos were taken over several weeks and show the aging progression.

The height is 18 inches and the width is 24 inches when mature. My plant has been in the ground for a year and a half, so it's still working it's way up to full size.

The leaves are lime green. I'm not sure if every plant in this line has light leaves or not, but they're a nice contrast to the darker leaves of some of my other hellebores.

I understand that some breeders are working to develop interesting leaf variegation among hellebores now. I don't think the leaves will ever be able to steal the show from the flowers, though.

It's no wonder that hellebores are so popular right now in the gardening world. Not many plants can boast such gorgeous, long-lasting flowers in early spring on plants that thrive in dry shade.

I have also been taking photos of my other hellebores throughout their bloom sequences to give a better feel for each cultivar, and will post those in coming weeks. I often search for that information myself before buying a new plant, so I'm glad to share it with other gardeners.


  1. Very pretty! I love all the pictures of the Winter Jewels series I've seen. That is interesting that they have lighter leaves as well.

  2. What a pretty variety! First time I have seen this one....Have been loving having Hellebore in my garden. This new garden has some good shady areas that are perfect for them. Will keep my eyes open for 'Golden Lotus'.

  3. That is really a pretty one. That touch of lavender just sets it off.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. What a beautiful Hellebore. The Winter Jewel series has so many lovelies in it. This was the first year I had blooms on mine and I was won over on Hellebore's. Your shots are always so wonderful.

  5. Beautiful photos of this pretty plant! I have one as well but with not nearly as many blooms.

  6. I've got a hellebore called 'Hot Flash' that has variegated leaves. The flowers are nice but once they're gone, I'll still have that foliage until next winter. You can't beat that.

    The flowers on your hellebore are divine.

  7. The flowers on that one are really pretty! I bought 'Cherry Blossom' from the Winter Jewels collection. The flowers have lasted a long time on it too. I hadn't noticed the leaf color though, I'll have to check if they are lime also.

  8. It's amazing how many new varieties of hellebores have appeared on the market over the last few years. Breeders have been very active. I've not seen that one before - very delicate looking. An interesting idea to show the ageing progression. (And well organized to achieve the idea.)

  9. VW girl I also have Golden Lotus .. but I am waiting for blooms still.
    These are gorgeous .. I have to say I am a hellebore addict .. they are such gorgeous plants aren't they ?


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