June 26, 2012

June Vignettes in the Garden

A few plant combos have been especially pretty in the garden in June. Above, golden 'Stella d'Oro' daylilies pop against lavender 'Walker's Low' catmint and a touch of deep violet 'May Night' salvia.

My 'Teasing Georgia' english rose is cheerfully climbing its trellis.

The two 'Crown Princess Margareta' climbing english roses are still short but very sweet.

The reddish young leaves on 'Lady Emma Hamilton' are almost as striking as the rosy-orange flowers.

'Pagan Purple' New Millenium delphiniums make the backdrop for 'Tanz Nochmal' blue siberian iris. The vigorous deep blue 'Mer du Sud' bearded iris is included on the left.

'Rosy Cheeks' carnations are exploding into bloom right now - there must be a hundred buds on each little plant. In the background you can see white 'Esther Reed' double daisies and a pink 'Guidon' peony. I love this peony - the flowers look fluffy and full but don't have as many petals so the blooms don't fall over.

'Eglantyne' roses are blooming in the front yard with more 'Walker's Low' catmint at the base.
Last weekend I drove to my parents' house in Moses Lake to help with a few days of marathon gardening. My brother decided to get married next month with a very small ceremony in their backyard, so we worked like mad to spruce things up. We fertilized, spread compost, weeded, trimmed, dejunked and planted 17 pots of flowers. I've got my mother on a fertilizing schedule so all the Wave petunias and other annuals will grow quickly and be showy for the wedding. I told her to prepare to be amazed at how much things will grow in a month; let's hope I'm right!


  1. Hi VW,

    Beautiful photos, I love the roses; I've just popped out this evening and discovered I have quite a few blooms everywhere that have opened up over the past few days - need to bring some in for vases! :)
    I also love your purple and yellows combination, never a fan of yellow but I did attempt to copy you in my front garden - unfortunately the daylilies haven't bloomed this year so hopefully I'll have some nice purple and yellow next year!

  2. after seeing your pictures I am kicking myself for not buying some Walkers Low when I saw it Saturday while out of town ...
    Your gardens are beautiful.. Hugs, Cherry

  3. I always love visiting your beautiful gardens. I adore that carnation. Just gorgeous.

  4. I really like your color scheme, always have. Whenever I am down by the water where my catmint 'Walkers Low' is growing, I think of you. You said they would go strong this year...boy have they ever!!! Great plant, very happy to have them --- a bonus-- the deer leave it alone and anything that is near as well.

  5. Lady Emma is just marvellous! Love the different blues too!

  6. I love the fact that your delphinium and Siberian irises bloom at the same time (my irises bloom before the delphinium), and this is a wonderful color combination. -Jean

  7. I love your mixed beds! I have the same trellis as you but I have a pink bower vine on it and it covers it entirely so you can't see how pretty the trellis is. It's in a perfect east facing location for a climbing rose. I think I'll move the vine and plant my Gertrude Jekyll climber there in its place. Thank you for the inspiration. Robyn
    Robyn's Roses


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