March 28, 2013

Spring is Here - Backlit Bulbs

We've been enjoying some warmer weather lately and it truly feels like spring.  After several rounds of small bulb planting over the past few years, there are lots of crocuses and other bulbs blooming in the front yard right now.

I had a plan each time I set out to plant bulbs, but many of them have been transplanted unintentionally when I moved perennials around.  So there are some large clumps and other lonely flowers scattered here and there.

Gardening is part science and part art.  I got out my notebook yesterday and made notes about where to transplant some of the crocuses so there will be more even coverage of the front yard.  I'll wait a few weeks and then get them moved before the foliage dies back completely.

Backlit bulbs just make me smile!  You would have smiled - guffawed? -  to see my contortions trying to get shots of these short flowers.  I'm quite flexible.  Maybe I should join the circus.

And the Cutest Bulbs Ever are now blooming en masse.  Mini-daffodils 'Tete-a-Tete' are six inches high and fragrant if you get close enough.

I'd have more in the front yard but I keep picking them to give away in tiny vases to friends.  They're just too cute to keep all for myself. 

Their blooming will probably peak in the next few days, so I'll post more shots next week.  You really need some of these in your garden.  Guaranteed smiles every time you see them.  Think I'll go out and take another look at them right now. 


  1. Oh, I think I do need some Tete-a-Tetes. I didn't realize they were so short and cute!

  2. Really lovely photos! I am encouraged that we are finally having temps in the 40's and the snow drifts are receding... amazing how quickly the bulbs poke their noses out once the sun can get to them! Larry

  3. Hi VW,

    Lovely photos; seeing your photos looks very similar to mine... ha ha. Many of the same bulbs, it would seem :)
    Although mine is covered in a layer of snow... No, actually it's ice now as it's begun to melt, can't be good for the plants stuck underneath.

    I think most of my crocus/tete-a-tete have been severely damanged/killed by the lying snow. However, try get your hands on Daff 'minnow' it's multi-headed and has cute little blooms too, it's a taller daff and blooms later but also cute as a button.

  4. Oh your crocuses and tiny daffodils are so pretty. Beautiful pictures. Have a Blessed Easter weekend.

  5. Delightful pictures - I can't wait until my bulbs bulk out and naturalise around the garden! I won't be disappointed if they look as good as yours!
    I planted lots of minature daffs last autumn - they are budding up now. Luckily enough we didn't have much snow here to do a tremendous amount of damage!

  6. Love the soft light on your crocus. Isn't light magical?


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