June 5, 2013

What's Been Blooming Lately

Here are some photos showing some May blooms around the garden.  Above are fragrant 'Asao' clematis flowers surrounded by buds on a 'Francine Austine' rose.  I don't think there will be any clematis blooms left by the time the miniature white flowers of this rose open, or they'd make a nice combo. 

'Absolute Amethyst' candytuft is a vividly colored alternative to the common white form of this plant.  The color will be great next to the lime heuchera and spirea leaves in this part of the garden, as soon as the other plants grow big enough to make it into a photo.

'Evening Tidings' iris are blooming on the west of the house, tying the lavender blooms of 'Walker's Low' catmint together with the deep violet flowers of 'May Night' salvia. 

'Pure as Gold' iris are vibrant next to deep violet 'May Night' salvia flowers.  This photo was taken a week or two ago, and by now the salvia flowers have opened enough to make a really strong color statement.  Love the drama!

The reddish leaves of 'Lady Emma Hamilton' rose make a nice backdrop for the iris.  The leaves are so showy that I'd grow this rose even if it didn't bloom . . . but soon it will start putting out loads of fragrant rosy-orange flowers that keep coming all summer.  LEH is a great rose.  I wish you could smell it by blog.

'Foxtrot' tulips and another darker variety whose name I can't remember have been blooming next to the back patio.  My friends keep exclaiming in surprise when I tell them these are tulips.  The masses of petals make them look more like peonies. 

Here's another shot of 'Foxtrot' with a new 'Tuff Stuff' hydrangea ready to start blooming in the background.  There will be lots of first-time bloomers in the garden this year.  It's fun to look forward to the show. 


  1. Hi VW,

    Lovely blooms; the Clematis is amazing!
    Also love your yellow and purple combos, you have such restraint to stick to colour planting in each area. I always begin with good intentions but over the years other colours creep in so it ends in a whole mix of colours.

    To answer your enquiry on my blog: yes I have an 100mm macro lens, and most shots are taken with it but I also have a lens similar to yours which also does quite nice shots, but obviously isn't macro so I can't get as close (obviously)

  2. Your blooms are just so beautiful. I love that Asao clematis. Just planted a amethyst candytuft so I am excited after seeing your in bloom. LOL!
    My blog address has changed: http://lonadawn7.blogspot.com/

  3. I'm looking forward to your show as well! Those tulips do look like peonies... gorgeous!


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