November 13, 2013

Green Haven in Downtown SLC

While visiting Salt Lake City to study the Temple Square gardens, I also spent some time across the street at the new City Creek Mall.  I didn't shop.  I just enjoyed the landscaping around the creek that runs through the middle of the mall.

Can you believe that this scene is found in the middle of downtown SLC?  After training my eyes on all the flowers at Temple Square, it was refreshing to survey the green. 

Downtown was a mess from construction the last time I visited SLC, so it was especially nice to see the finished product.

There are fish living in the creek, though I didn't catch any photos of them.

Quaking aspen trees are lovely even in winter.  I wonder how well the rest of the landscape holds up during the cold months.

This part of the creek runs between closely spaced lines of shops and is much prettier than the landscaping at the local mall here in Spokane.

The fountains in this pool were running in the evening, though I didn't catch a shot then.  I was told there is another fountain in the plaza that shoots flames. 

Cheers to whoever came up with this plan.  Though I love flowers in many gardens, the simple palette of green leaves, pale boulders and flowing water is perfect here.


  1. Did you notice the overhead retractable glass roof that floods the mall with fresh air when the weather is good? We were there last week on a nippy Fall day and enjoyed the fresh air. Also been there on rainy days and enjoyed that we didn't get soaked. It really is a divine construction. The creek is a diversion of the south fork of City Creek, which is the mountain stream where Brigham Young in 1847 founded the settlement that would later become Salt Lake City. So glad you could see this, sorry you missed the Flame fountain... it's right outside of Nordstrom. Your images captured the beauty of the greens in what otherwise would just be another concrete jungle. Hope you get to take your family next you visit. Your kids would love watching the trout.

  2. Love very restful...which, as you pointed out, can be so welcome in an urban environment dominated by concrete. I'd love to see something like that in downtown PDX!


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