June 19, 2015

June Garden

These photos are from the beginning of June, before a heat wave left many plants looking a little toasted around the edges.  Above is the west garden.

The year's first flush of bloom on my 'Abraham Darby' rose featured large, citrus-scented blooms.

'Eglantyne' seemed especially fragrant this year with the warm weather, and passersby commented on the sweet Old Rose scent.

My climbing 'Teasing Georgia' bloomed mostly at the top, so I learned that next year I need to prune it more aggressively to keep the flowers at eye level.

My 'Comtesse de Bouchaud' clematis also bloomed at the top, which was fine since it's not very tall yet.  I'll have to prune it hard next spring.  It's such a lovely color of cool pink.

Chartreuse lady's mantle blooms are lovely but they reseed like crazy.  I need to deadhead earlier than I did last year.

A true blue 'June to Remember' Siberian iris plays well with the chartreuse.  These irises don't bloom for very long, but their grassy foliage is a nice addition during the rest of the growing season.

White 'Snow Queen' Siberian iris and 'Casablanca' blooms brighten the white garden, along with a lingering white 'Mount Everest' allium and spikes of 'June Bride' heuchera.
After returning from a week long family trip, I have been trying to catch up with deadheading and other garden chores.  There is a lot to do this time of the year, but my children have been a great help. 


  1. Hi VW,

    I had the same problem with my climbing Gertrude Jekyll; need to prune it more aggressively so I can appreciate more blooms.

    Jealous of your heat wave. This year so far has been a let down. It hasn't been cold or wet, just not very warm. Like normally I'd expect at least 20C, but more typically 22-23. But instead we're lucky to get to 20. And we seem to still be having high winds a lot so with the wind chill, often after 5pm it's just too chilly to sit outside. Without the wind, it's no problem.


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