August 15, 2015

Hope for the NW Corner and GBBD August 2015

The northwest corner of the backyard has the greatest concentration of blooms this month, so I'm featuring that part of the garden for the August Garden Blogger Blooms Day.

 Of course the new centerpiece of the NW corner is not a blooming shrub, but a 'Red Dragon' contorted filbert, still in its pot above.  But the 'Blue Chip' butterfly bushes (Buddleia) are blooming their heads off all around.

 From this angle you can see a 'Buzz Purple' butterfly bush in the background.  These bushes are the main source of color in the garden right now.

I love the way the 'Red Dragon' filbert echoes the color of the three 'Royal Raindrops' crabapple trees at the back of the corner.  The foliage of a clump of Siberian iris at center is especially pretty.

Four Russian sage (Peroskvia) plants are not quite full size this year but are adding some nice color and form to the garden.

A view of the path through the NW corner shows changes from my recent transplanting.  The area on the left was beautiful for a few months in spring, but then the salvia, rhubarb, astrantia, and poppies all needed to be cut back to the ground at the same time to stimulate new leaves and blooms.  It looked like a bomb hit the area.  Barren, ugly, ugh.  So I divided up the big sweep of 'Caradonna' salvia (reblooming violet above) with clusters of later-blooming 'Montgomery' astilbe and 'Red Fox' veronica.  This way there will still be some foliage and blooms going during the weeks right after the big cut back of the earlier-blooming perennials.

We'll see how the area works next June, but for now I have high hopes.  A new 'Miss Ruby' butterfly bush at center adds late summer color above, while rhubarb and Siberian iris leaves add varying texture.

Here is another view of the area with 'Rozanne' geranium happily blooming at bottom right and the dwarf Arctic willow taking over the path at center rear.

There's always hope in the garden, even when disasters occur here and there!


  1. What a beautiful garden design. It's easy to see the love that you have poured into the garden.

  2. Looks as if you have a bit of 'Dutch Wave' movement in your lovely garden. Happy Bloom Day.

  3. Your garden looks so fresh and lush! I bet the bees and butterflies love it too!

  4. Hi VW,

    Looking very nice! I think this are settling really well after all that work done.
    Do you have lots of dwarf buddlejas? Because I've never seen any so small before... Here they're well over 8 feet high and wide. Small versions would be great and far less strain on my garden.

    1. Liz, yes they are supposed to be dwarves. But the 'Buzz Purple' bushes are supposed to top out at 2 feet by 3 feet, and they are about 5 feet tall! That's better than 8 feet, though. The Lo and Behold 'Blue Chip' is staying short, though, about 2 feet by 2 feet.

  5. After looking at your garden, I've decided I need more butterfly bushes! And I am glad I am not the only one that is shuffling plants. Lovely as always.

  6. Wow VW, that looks grand. I wish I could grow those Blue Chip butterfly bushes. Alas, I've killed three of them so I'm giving up that dream. LOL. Your 'Cardonna' salvia will be perfect for the "big cut." I was just thinking about some editing I need to do in my garden too for next year. I think that's what makes gardening so fun and so addictive. It's always changing. Happy Bloom Day!~~Dee

  7. What a super look you've achieved here. Everything blends wonderfully, which each plant setting the other off.
    I had read that those dwarf Buddleia don't stay dwarf for long recently. For that reason I did not purchase the one I was going to. I wonder what they'll do with you there.


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