November 3, 2015

Last Gasp of Fall Color

After enjoying another warmer than normal October, temperatures are sinking and the last leaves are nearly gone.  This photo from a few weeks ago shows the beginning of fall color for my new Fothergilla 'Blue Mist' shrub.

This week it looks like this.  No wonder the employees of my local nursery kept recommending this shrub!  With icy blue leaves for the rest of the season and fragrant white blooms in spring, this shrub is definitely a keeper.

The linear leaves of my Siberian irises are at their peak of yellow coloring, as are the 'Fine Line' buckthorn (Rhamnus) shrubs shown at right.

Leaves on the 'Peach Sorbet' blueberries are a lovely reddish-pink right now.

The umbrella leaves on Darmera peltata have interesting coloring as well.

My three 'Tiny Tuff Stuff' hydrangeas had maroon edges last month, and now the tips have turned brighter red.

A few fragrant clusters of flowers on the Hall's Purple honeysuckle are blooming against the deep purple leaves.

My poor 'Kwanzan' flowering cherry tree, whose flower buds always seem to get zapped with frost before they can bloom, is at least boasting some nice fall color this year.

My goodness, this dogwood tree (Cornus florida) has been showing beautiful fall coloring for over six weeks by now.

A final shot of Creeping Jenny (Lysmachia nummularia) shows reddish leaves among the typical chartreuse color.


  1. Thank you for sharing your garden pictures. :) I am a wannabe gardener and this is very inspiring. Are you on instagram?

    1. Karina, I'm not on instagram. But best wishes for your gardening! Do you live in a climate like my zone 5 Spokane? It's very helpful to read blogs for similar climates, especially when you're just starting.

  2. Looking great VW! Glad you've had a beautiful fall, no frost yet?

    1. We have had some frost - this morning was 27 degrees - but nothing in the lower 20's so far. And it was warming up to the 60's during the day for quite a while, which gave the roses a chance to keep developing more blooms. It has been a nice fall. Not as nice as Portland's falls, though!

  3. Lovely, lovely colors. This is my favorite time of year. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful autumn colours in your garden, enjoy them whilst you can.

  5. Nice colours!
    Cornus florida looks fine. How does it grow in 5 zone? Mine always suffers from winter cold. But C. kousa feels good.


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