July 4, 2016

Daylily Season

The garden is at the peak of daylily season right now, with generous flushes of deep pink 'Hush Little Baby' blooming in the west garden each day.  Of course that means I have to deadhead quite a few blooms each morning, but it's easy work to snap the dead ones off.  Also blooming above are some apricot colored Asiatic lilies, lavender 'Walker's Low' catmint (Nepeta) and yellow 'Early Sunrise' tickseed (Coreopsis).

This part of the garden is especially cheerful in the evenings when the setting sun bounces off the side of the house and gives everything a warm glow.

Despite its shady spot in the backyard, 'Woodside Romance' is producing lots of mid-pink flowers.  I'm thinking this one deserves a place of prominence and plenty of sunshine (for up to 30-35 blooms per scape) in the front yard, so I'm adding it to my transplant list as soon as blooming is finished.

'Lavender Stardust' is also getting less than its fair share of sun in the east backyard garden, but I don't have a better place for it right now.

'Jolyene Nichole' is adorably short but the flowers are huge.

'Frances Joiner' is happier than ever this year while getting plenty of sun and plenty of water thanks to a foot-tall popup sprinkler head installed this spring.

This cluster of three plants is growing in front of my 'Eglantyne' rose, which is resting after its first flush of bloom.  Daylilies are perfect for adding color just when the roses finish.


  1. Ciao. Ti seguo sempre dall'Italia. Meraviglioso!

  2. Beautiful lily pictures. Thanks for the post and pictures.


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