June 1, 2017

Vivid Colors at Spring's End

On the first of June, colorful scenes are cropping up in the garden.  The photo above shows the bird bath on the west side of the home where spikes of violet 'May Night' salvia and lavender 'Walker's Low' catmint mingle with 'Pure as Gold' iris.

The view looking north through the gate shows the back garden looking much more full than it did at the beginning of May.  A month ago the fence panel to the right of the gate was still disassembled after our long kitchen remodel/addition.  It feels really good finally have things back in place inside and outside.

The west side of the backyard path features edgings of pink 'Dusseldorf Pride' armeria and golden orange 'Firestorm' geum with 'Red Charm' peonies blooming at right.  IIf you look closely you'll see little bursts of chartreuse from the leaves of baby 'Diane's Gold' brunnera, 'Dicksen's Gold' campanula and 'Everillo' sedge.

Unknown orange poppies really pop against violet 'Caesar's Brother' Siberian iris and 'Buckeye Belle' peonies in the background.

A pink 'Rivida' peony is about to open in front with a rainbow of poppies, allium, Siberian iris, geum, salvia and astrantia in the background.
My favorite camera lens (Canon 50 mm EF f/1.4 USM) is finally repaired and the garden is ready for photographs, so I hope to post more regularly.

Later in the day 'Rivida' opened a little more, leading to this view.  Scrumptious!

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