March 4, 2010

March Update

Last month I hit my 100th post and the second anniversary of my blog. Whoops, I guess I missed noting that. I was also out of town on my daughter's birthday. It was just that kind of month.

Out in my garden the yellow crocuses (or is it just crocus when plural?) started blooming a week or two ago. The purples ones are starting now. The hellebores seem permanenetly fixed in the bud stage. Delphiniums, bearded iris, the 'evergreen' daylilies and baby columbines are showing new green leaves.

We're continuing work on the front yard rennovation. It's a big mess where the front steps are being built. My little kids are getting good at climbing up on the porch without steps. The sprinkler modifications are about halfway done, and the concrete curbing guy is supposed to get here any minute. The west flagstone path and boulders might get set tomorrow.

I'm still trying to decide whether to go with black or grey-brown shutters, whether to get rain chains or rain-cup-chains (will the cups burst if water freezes in them?), and how wide to make the top of the post at the corner of the porch. I think I found some light fixtures that both my husband and I can live with. Best of all, they cost about a tenth of the price of the ones I was looking at online. Fewer bells and whistles, but less headache later if they get hit with a stray basketball or something.
So there's the update for this week, with a few random pictures from my archives. Orange dahlia, pink hydrangea, blue siberian iris and coral-pink azalea - all with a contrasty effect added in photoshop. Enjoy!


  1. Hi VW

    You've really raised the bar with those images. Stunning.

    Maybe you should toss a coin over the colour of the shutters. I find it hard to visualise black.

    Happy blogaversary by the way.

  2. Hi VW, what wonderful images! The dahlia took my breath away. It sounds like you are in the thick of a lot of fun projects, that will be especially fun when they are completed. Black is so harsh, a dark charcoal grey works better. Just my two cents there. :-)

  3. My "rain cup" rain chains have survived being frozen for the last 6 don't let that fear stop you from using them if you really want to.

    Christine in Alaska

  4. Happy Blogiversary.

    What stunning photos, so colorful.

    I especially love the iris, of course.


  5. Love the blues!

    I don't have rain chains, but I love how they look. Hope you'll post photos when your front yard is finished.

    Happy Blogiversary!


  6. Happy blogiversary and 100 posts and Happy Birthday to your daughter! It sounds like you're getting closer to having the work done out front. I love the rain cups. Your pictures are all so pretty, but the iris really stands out. I love the lighting in it.

  7. Gorgeous blooms! Very vivid colors that leap off the page!

  8. Hi VW, sounds like you have made great headway. I agree with Frances, the brownish shutters will look better, especially since your stone has the earthy colors. You said it was similar to Chardonnay.
    I think the rain chains are really neat. Sounds like fun to have those.
    As always your photos are super. (I think it is crocuses...but who am I?)

  9. I cannot wait to see the finished product, especially your new boulders :^)

  10. Hi VW~~ I think the plural for crocus is crokie. This is what I call them anyway. Crocuses is too big of a mouthful, don't you think? I'm looking forward to seeing your completed remodel. It sounds like the weather has make the process much easier. Congrats on the 100 post/2 years. I know what you mean about hellebores taking their sweet time. And I must say I love that pink hydrangea!!

  11. VW girl .. I answered your comment on my blog with "didn't we have this conversation last year about Costco and bulbs ?" LOL
    I swear we did !! This time I can NOT find Chocolate Cosmos darn it !!
    I have to say I was SHOCKED with husband finding Casa Blanca let alone he remembered which lily I was looking for .. sort of ? haha
    I can't wait to see how your renovations look after it is all put in place .. I have no idea how my landscaping will eventually pan out .. but I am trying my best to get my ideas across and match the budget ? as well ?? !!

  12. You're wise to take your time making some of these decisions. It's so much easier if you can make a few changes, see how they look, then make a few more.

    I'm really looking forward to the after pictures when your front yard makeover is done.

  13. VW, Lovely photos...The iris are gorgeous. I wondered the same thing about freezing rain chains~The seller I spoke with said we would need to take them down during the winter! gail

  14. Lovely blooms ... you have much to look forward to :)

  15. What beautiful flowers, VW. You are putting a lot of good thought into your changes. It will be fun to see what you've done so far. (Can you give a sneak peak?) :-)

  16. Hi VW, well - congrats on the 100th post and second anniversary of your blog. What a long way we've both come since our uncertain early years in the blogosphere. Your photography and layout is inspirational and you have taught me a lot in the last couple of years. Cheers, catmint


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