March 12, 2010

Spring Photos!

Tulips! Crabapple blossoms! These photos capture the beauty of spring in my garden. But I have to confess that they were taken last year, and not by me.

My friend Jan Tenney visited my garden last May and snapped a few photos. She dropped them by last week, and they make me so excited for spring.

The garden will look very different this year. By next week I will be ready to post pictures of the newly completed front steps. They just need a couple of finishing touches before their photo op.

I'm looking forward to posting pictures of the rennovated west garden as well. We removed all the grass, put a flagstone path down the center, and I transplanted perennials to make matching borders down each side of the path. We also added a 3.5 foot tall (just over a meter) basalt column at the entry to the path.

I will have to post about our revamped sprinkler system, too. It should be much more efficient, and I am looking forward to less hand watering this summer.

But meanwhile, just enjoy Jan's spring photos. Aren't they delicious?


  1. WOW! Spring is finally arriving! Everything in my garden grew inches today and the willow trees had leaf buds by afternoon.

  2. Isn't it just amazing to see photos of your garden that show the lush plantings you know are there (somewhere) but haven't seen for months?

  3. Hi VW~~ At first I'm looking at your photos and thinking wow, her garden is way ahead of mine. Then for a second I thought maybe you'd just purchased the tulip. Last year's photos....okay. This makes sense. Not that I wouldn't wish you an early spring. I love the lighting on the pink tulip and candytuft. I am really excited to see your remodel.

  4. Hi VW, What great photos! What a nice friend! And wasn't it a great surprise to see last year's blossoms, from her point of view, for the first time? Love that solitary tulip ("Look at me!") in the candytuft. :-)

  5. VW, They are beautiful photos of your gorgeous plants. I know you are glad to be at the end of the project. I can't wait to see your remodel...gail

  6. Those were scrumptious pictures VW .. whether last year or not !
    I had a meeting with one company so far and the rep was great .. when they acknowledge the point that you are an ardent gardener and respect that fact with the landscaping issues .. well it was a very positive meeting : )
    Can't wait to see yours completed and I have to have my soaker hoses laid out this year for sure !!
    Joy : )

  7. Hi VW, sorry I haven't visited for a while but it's great to be back and see your friend Jan's fabulous photos. I look forward to seeing and hearing more about your revamps. Cheers, catmint

  8. Beautiful pictures! It won't be long til you're seeing them again.
    I can not wait to see how everything has turned out. It must be a lot of fun to be getting it finished and now be able to have the fun of planting.

  9. I have spring fever in a big way this week! Spent yesterday wandering around my garden inspecting all my plants for signs of new growth, flower buds, etc.
    Your friend took some great photos.

  10. Luscious photos! All the new projects are so intriguing too. Come to my house when you're done, and get us all fixed up.


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