April 24, 2014

April Garden Views 2014

True to tradition, we've had some showers lately to get ready for a bigger burst of bloom in May.  But there are also pretties blooming right now.  In the narrow west garden the hyacinths, aubrieta and miniature irises are perky along the path.

Basket of Gold alyssum and red-gold tulips are getting ready to open and brighten the color scheme in this area, but for now it is very soft.  It took several years to figure out which bearded irises I wanted where in this little garden, and all that transplanting takes its toll, but the clumps are finally looking big enough to make a big show.  May should be lovely! 

In the front yard, 'Salmon Impression' tulips are starting to open and soft yellow 'Jaap Groot' are not far behind.  The roses no longer look like skeletons as new leaves are starting to fill out.  'White Splendor' Anemone blanda are blooming merrily beneath the rose, but they're kind of hidden by tulip foliage.  I need to spread them out after they're done blooming but before the foliage disappears and I can't remember where they're planted.  It's a narrow window and I missed it last year.

'Coral Supreme' peonies are getting ready to pop open.  These are the earliest of my peonies to bloom, especially since they're planted on the southern side of the mounded borders in the front yard.  Isn't that foliage lovely?

The landscape is more sparse in the backyard because everything is still settling in after the big landscaping project last spring.  I make a lap around the path nearly every day since things change so quickly this time of year.  This 'Berry Swirl' hellebore has been especially pretty for over a month.

Here is a shot of one of the first open flowers from last month.  Many of my other hellebores are still sulking after being transplanted last year.  And I did a very bad thing and poured liquid fertilizer over them a month ago to try to hurry them along, but it just dried out many of the buds.  Dumb gardener.

This 'Sparkling Diamond' hellebore is also looking good despite being transplanted along with a dogwood tree a few weeks ago.  Poor hellebore, poor tree, poor husband . . . but I think all three survived without too much damage.  There are so many buds in the garden that I feel a little giddy thinking about the coming weeks.  I've just got to make myself pull the heavy camera out with me so I can post plenty of photos here.


  1. There's nothing like seeming new blooms weekly to lift the spirit and restore a sense of joy! I love the berry colored hellebore. Cheers!

  2. Great flowers VW... you are way, way ahead of us obviously... you must be enjoying all these lovely blooms. The Berry Swirl is lovely... would you believe I have about 125 helebores that have yet to show any life and new growth?! they are located in shadier spots and are mulched.... makes me a bit nervous as I sometimes overdo the mulching... Larry

  3. Hi VW,

    Lovely views and I really love your large stones, really need something similar here. My parents removed some old fruit trees and was coveting the large logs/roots left in their garden. I mentioned it to my mum last weekend after spotting them. By that evening dad had already got rid of it. What a waste. AND, they cost a lot to buy; he could've at least sold it!

    Looking forward to views of your back garden; seeing transformations is perhaps the most exciting part of gardening.

  4. Such lovelies blooming for you. I adore your Hellebore's. I planted a new Coral Peony last year and it has one bud. LOL! It is just a baby yet.I will love seeing it though. They are so welcome in the early spring. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Hello VW girl !
    I also have Berry Swirl and it is so pretty .. mine is a deeper red and I am loving the double flower .. makes me wonder why I didn't do all double flowers with them now.
    Hey we all make mistakes and learn from them each year .. at the time it seemed a logical perk right ? .. your gardens look lovely and so much more to come to enjoy.
    Joy in the cooler less flowered ? north ! LOL


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