April 30, 2014

Celebrate Spring with Double Red Tulips - Oh, Miranda!

Spring bulbs are peaking over at the Spokane Temple right now.  Thousands of perennials daffodils outside the fence and tulips inside the fence - safe from deer - are in bloom.  The flower beds at the front doors are full of bold color, including peony-flowering 'Miranda' tulips, above and below.

Isn't Miranda fabulous?  Hooray for the breeder who came up with this gem.  Grape hyacinths (Muscari armeniacum), dwarf 'Tete-a-Tete' daffodils and deep pink 'Jan Bos' hyacinths form the underplanting.

We are expecting delightfully warm temperatures over the next few days - possibly up to 80 degrees F - which will emphatically spell the end of winter but also the quick end of any bulbs that happen to be blooming. 
Ah well, the uncertainty of gardening adds to its allure.  At least I dragged myself over to the temple grounds to grab photos before this flush of blooms finished.
There are a few more waves of tulips yet to bloom - orange lily-flowering 'Ballerina,' giant red 'Cashmir' and orange 'Temple of Beauty.'  The warmth won't be enough to do in the pansies, which will keep blooming their cute little heads off until we pull them out next month to plant annuals here.
Double orange 'Princess Irene' tulips are just coming into bloom and probably won't last long in the heat, but they'll be gorgeous for a few days.
There is a different feeling to spring in areas like Spokane where winters are so long and harsh.  When we lived in California, winter wasn't so bad so spring didn't feel so amazing.  But now we feel a great relief that we survived another long grey frigid yucky winter and we need to celebrate.
What better way to celebrate than with fluffy red tulips?  Thanks Miranda!

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  1. I know what you mean! I delight in spring, in part because winter feels so long here! I have been loving my tulips, too. I may have to bring some inside to enjoy before the heat does them in.


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