June 2, 2014

Bold 'Coral Supreme' Peony Blooms

The 'Coral Supreme' peonies are magnificent this year.  After several years in the ground, they have matured into large plants with giant blooms.

Here is a full view of the peony on the southwest corner of the house.  'Walker's Low' catmint is blooming vigorously on the left and a flowering cherry tree grows behind the peony.

Speaking of catmint, this wide view of the house shows several catmint plants in full bloom.  The Korean dogwood is hiding the peony flowers on the left, and the peony on the east of the driveway is just out of the shot. 

Here are several peony buds just beginning to open.  The color is almost neon at first - it just glows in the evening or on cloudy days.

These blooms have faded after a few days in strong sunlight.  They are as big as both of my hands spread out together.
Exquisite, yes?

The catmint makes such a great backdrop.

This flower is about to drop its petals.  Soon all the blooms will be gone until next year, which  makes them even sweeter while they last.


  1. Your Coral Peonies are just gorgeous! They look so pretty with the Walkers Low Catmint. Aren't you glad that it is Walkers Low. LOL! Mine are pretty tall for being low ones.

  2. Added that to my "must have" list :) Catmint is my favorite plant-- so easy, dependable, and gorgeous. My Souvenir d'Andre Chaudon is in its second year and it is ginormous! Love your garden and your photos.

  3. Oh, those are so beautiful! My peonies are blooming for the first time this year, and I am loving it!

  4. The purple of the catmint makes a terrific partner for the 'Coral Supreme' peony flowers. Especially since they just float above it.

  5. Absolutely exquisite! But doesn't your catmint want to take over the world? Mine sure does. Love that your peonies don't bend with the weight of the blooms. My blooms were so large and heavy this year, even with support they bent to the ground. Not so pretty when this happens.


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