July 18, 2014

Daylily Season

Most of the daylilies in my garden are covered in blooms right now.  Above is 'Siloam Double Classic.'

Here is 'Sue Rothbauer,' which has excellent deep rose coloring.  All of the colors in these photos came out a little odd, since the sky around here is brown and hazy from wildfire smoke blowing over from the west side of the state.

'Frances Joiner' is a prolific bloomer in the front yard.

I have a good sunny spot for a pink daylily and am trying to decide between 'Woodside Romance,' above, and 'Jolyene Nichole' (which didn't have any blooms open today).  Both are currently in mostly shady spots and would be happier with more sun.  WR is a deeper pink but the blooms are smaller than JN.

'Lavender Stardust' has been a favorite for several years now.

'Big Smile' glows against a curtain of green, and its pink ruffles are lovely up close.

'Smoky Mountain Autumn' is the theme flower for our smoky sky today.

'Hush Little Baby' plants were divided into eight sections a year or two before, and it is taking a long time for each little plant to build up into a strong bloomer again.  They're growing in the hot west garden where they don't get as much water as they'd like, or else they'd be growing faster.

'Autumn Wood' is the last bloom for this post.  It's a lot of work to pull off the dead flowers from all the daylilies each day, but with the roses and many other plants taking a break from blooming right now, the daylilies are the stars of the show. 


  1. Hi VW,

    Love Daylilies, I'd like to have more here but they always get eaten by slugs and snails. We also doesn't seem to have as impressive variety over here - similar to other plants tbh, we seem to have far fewer of everything, take Coneflowers and Hydrangeas for example. I personally think it's down to plant snobbery i.e. having to be RHS certificated otherwise people turn their noses up.

  2. VW, I love daylily season. It's just getting started in my garden, with about 1/3 of the cultivars now blooming. All of my early varieties are yellow or red, so I don't have any pink daylilies blooming yet. Yours are lovely, and I have mine to look forward to. (Of course, after all that delicious anticipation, as soon as the daylily bloom reaches its peak, I will start to count remaining buds and feel sad that daylily season is winding down.) -Jean

  3. You can always rely on a Daylily for colour can't you. You've a super collection, I particularly like the last one.

  4. Hello VW girl and wow ! You have some gorgeous day lilies there !
    They really are work horses in the garden .. they ask for so little yet give you so much.
    I have them lined up against the side of the house (between a neighbor's house and mine) and they really make the area so nice .. Pardon Me and Little Grapette ..
    I'm all for the day lilies !
    Joy : )

  5. Lovely... you do good work!!
    ... as I dread the passing of lilies and other summer favorites, I suddenly am reminded... "the daylilies"... there's lot's of bloom to come... we are having such fun sifting through the hybrids that I crossed and deciding which ones deserve a significant location in the garden... much easier decision now that many of them have a couple years behind them... I hope you and your family are doing well and your gardens also... this has been an amazing year and not a day goes by without garden visitors... keeps me busy and happy! Take care, Larry

  6. I have loads of daylilies, too. I just love them. But I've learned the hard way how much water they want. No more crispy fried lilies for me! I have them tucked away in moist, rich spots around the garden. You have many beautiful varieties I don't have. I really love that Smokey Autumn Mountain. Fabulous! :o)


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