July 8, 2014

July Vase of Roses, Hydrangea and Mint

This is a recent vase with the last of my roses before most of the shrubs take a break from blooming.

I included creamy 'Crocus Rose,' which blends nicely with many other roses.

There were just a couple of peachy-pink 'Abraham Darby' blooms left, so I tucked those in as well.

'Princess Alexandra of Kent' had a bunch of blooms that would have faded quickly in the heat if I left them outside, so into the vase they went.

It's always nice but doesn't always happen that a beautiful bouquet also smells lovely.  These roses have nice fragrances already, but a few springs of spearmint never hurt.

Smaller side blooms from 'Invincibelle Spirit' hydrangea were the perfect color to blend with these roses.

The end result was a tight bunch of yummy-smelling roses in a soft, warm color scheme.


  1. Hi VW,

    Lovely posy/vase, I have a book with similar type arrangements, but I just don't have enough blooms to be able to make such wonderful, voluptuous vases. One day, hopefully I'll have large, profusely blooming rose shrubs/climbers so I can create such lovely bouquets - although I highly doubt they will be anything as lovely as yours.

  2. Hi. What a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. It is nice to bring them inside so you can enjoy them. They will bring a smile each time you look at them. Have a lovely week.

  3. So very exquisitely gorgeous! Just perfect. I adore those English roses!


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