March 12, 2014

All Sunshine And Crocus

We are enjoying unusually fine weather this March in Spokane.  In fact, the past week and the forecast for the next ten days look more like April (average high 57, low 37) than March (average high 49, low 32).  We might even make it up to 60*F a few times, which translates to 15*C.  Today the crocuses are open wide and I could even smell them. 

Leaf buds are swelling on many shrubs, including the contorted Filbert (Corylus avellana 'Contorta').  Unfortunately many trees are starting to release pollen, so those of us with allergies are feeling them.  Sniff.  That hasn't stopped me from puttering around the garden every afternoon. 

Tiny but brilliant leaf clusters are sprouting on the Sorbaria sorbifolia 'Sem.'  This shrub is just south of the white back fence, so it gets reflected light and warmth to speed it on its way.  Hopefully it will not be too damaged when temperatures plunge again eventually, which is more likely than not.

The wooly thyme groundcover growing around flagstones in the front yard is sporting subtle shades of plum and chartreuse. 

Almost all of my hellebores were transplanted last spring during our backyard landscaping project, so they are not sending up as many flowers stems this year.  But there are a few getting ready to flower, like 'Pink Tea Cup,' above.

Columbine leaves are early risers, and in the cool temperatures the purplish shades are more pronounced.  Well, that is enough blogging for today.  I'm heading outside with my toddler to swing. 


  1. Hi VW,

    Lovely! Spring is so lovely and I do hope temperatures don't drop too much for you.

    Your Sorbaria leaves are very interesting; I will have to check it out. See if it's available here... Oh here I go again, looking for new plants when I know I can't! Oops.

  2. It's so exciting to see things starting to sprout and feel like spring! Yellow crocuses are so cheerful. Here in MA it's been such a chilly winter that the kids and I all start celebrating and go outside as soon as it rises above 40!

  3. Glad to see you are enjoying the sunshine. There is something so special about sun shining brightly on yellow crocus! Sorry to read you experience hay fever - a condition a friend suffers, it's dreadful!
    I hope your good weather continues.

  4. Wow! What pretty crocuses!
    I just spent time looking back thru your blog. I have to say your rose post really got me looking forward to June when they start blooming. Enjoy the sun!

  5. It is so wonder to see those first signs of spring coming out. They are so welcome this year in my area anyway. The sunshine just perks a person right up and makes you want to get out and get busy. Have a wonderful week.

  6. You are far ahead of us... our Spring is pokey slow. If we have sun today, I may have my first tulip open. Until then, I'm pretending my garden is Spring by living in my image archives.


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