March 24, 2014

Little Spring Beauties


Small bulbs are popping up all over at the Spokane Temple right now.  Above is Iris reticulata 'George', which beat even the earliest crocuses to start blooming.  The rich purple color is so lovely.  I need some of these in my garden.
'Cream Beauty' crocuses are blooming next to the little purple irises.  We made sure to plant them in groups, since one by itself looks lonely. 

In another part of the temple gardens, Iris danfordia are adding a bit of sunshine even on cloudy days. 
Here is another shot of a group of 'George' iris.  What great eye candy!
Crocus 'Firefly' and white 'Ard Schenk' are blooming together.  I tried to plan the bulb progression so there would be at least two types of bulbs blooming together throughout spring. 

Here is one last shot from the temple of 'Ard Schenk' with 'Grand Maitre' in the background.  I'm really determined to get over there regularly to photograph all the stages of bulb bloom this spring.  Fingers crossed.

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  1. These are lovely! Also, I'm jealous of the Spokane weather right now as we're getting more snow in the DC area today, although hopefully no more than 3 inches.


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