March 6, 2014

Color Peeps Through Despite Beastly Weather

True to reputation, March started with a blizzard, near zero temperatures and six inches of snow last weekend.  But suddenly the lion turned to a lamb and this week we are enjoying highs in the 50's (Fahrenheit), so of course my crazy kids wore shorts to school today.  "Mom, it's already 45 degrees - that's practically summer!"
My earliest yellow crocuses might open by this afternoon, but 'Angelina' sedum (above) already adds a bit of sunny color to the landscape.

Red rockfoil (Saxifraga) sports Christmas colors and interesting texture, if you bend down low enough to notice it.

The sudden change in temperature melted the snow quickly and created swamp conditions in the backyard, though most of the puddles were gone a few hours later.  When it dried out a little, I went out to putter around and prune roses and winter-damaged leaves.  The sun even came out yesterday.  It was great. 

Here is another shot looking down from my window.  This is not a pretty scene right now, but in a month it will be much better. 

This view of the east side of the backyard includes a baby rhododendron and bare lilac, dogwood and crabapple.  After the below zero temperatures we experienced last month, I was worried about my three young 'Helsinki University' rhododendrons, but these uber-hardy shrubs just rolled up their leaves into tight scrolls and endured.  They are protected from the wind and afternoon sun, and none of them show any damage to their leaves from the cold.

This last shot is from last year - a reminder of what is to come as spring progresses.  The red rockfoil is blooming in the front with 'Axcent Blue' Aubrieta in back.  Happy spring! 


  1. Happy spring to you! Even though I've come to expect snow in March, I was a bit discouraged by it last weekend. But we were out today in sweatshirts! Hooray! Keep on coming, spring! I need daffodils in the worst way. :)

  2. Hi VW,

    I hope you have good weather this weekend and I'm really looking forward to seeing your garden develop this year!

    We're due temperatures around 15C this weekend, which I'd guess must be around 60F?? So I'm looking forward to doing some work in the garden tomorrow and then on Sunday going out to the park for a nice 6 mile walk.


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