July 9, 2012

July Garden Views

After a cold and rainy June (the noon temperature was 45 degrees one month ago), we've hit a hot spell with temperatures approaching 100 for the past few days. Neither extreme makes gardening very tempting, so there's plenty of deadheading and weeding to be done. But here's a few photos of the parts that look good. Above, the 'Eglantyne' rose shrub in the front yard is into its second flush of bloom next to a 'Rozanne' hardy geranium and 'Pink Double Delight' coneflowers.

Lots of lilies are blooming in the west flagstone path bed, including 'Royal Sunset' above.

The unnamed rosy-orange lilies won't last very long in this heat, but they'll look nice while they last.

Those lilies are the same shade as the 'Lady Emma Hamilton' english rose, which continues to impress me this year with its quick repeat blooming, despite getting only afternoon sun.

The shade garden in back is full of interesting leaves and a few flowers. I used 'Blue Angel' hosta flower stalks - still in bud - in a floral arrangement last week. They added an unexpected touch to roses, delphiniums, daisies and bellflowers. I gave the vase of flowers to a friend for her 80th birthday, and she made me write down all the flower names for her before sharing some chocolate cake. A good trade on my part, I think.