March 4, 2021

West Garden Progression 2020

I have a final series of season progression photos to share, this time from the west garden path.  The shot above shows everything waking up for spring in March 2020.  The 'Elfin' thyme surrounding the flagstones is mostly evergreen, though its color is more muted in winter.

By May 1 the area looked very different.  I could fill the space with more evergreens that would look nice in winter, but then I'd have less room for the flowering plants I really love.  The evergreens that grow well here don't have beautiful blooms.

The 'Walker's Low' catmint was in its full glory by the end of May.  It is one of my favorite plants in the garden, and it's a favorite of the bees as well.

I didn't get a midsummer shot from 2020, so this is July 2019.  The 'Royal Sunset' lilies, 'Hush Lil Baby' daylilies, and 'Early Sunrise' coreopsis added warmth to the color scheme.

This scene from September featured the long-blooming 'Kickin' Purple' asters as well as 'Mickey' hardy chrysanthemums.  The 'Dazzleberry' sedums aren't visible from this angle, but they were a beautiful addition in August/September.

After some light frosts in October, the daylilies died back but the asters and mums continued to bloom.  Very cold temperatures came quickly afterward, so we didn't get to enjoy much fall color from the leaves on shrubs and trees before they turned brown.

I had to go back a few years to find a snow shot of the area.  Winter interest was provided by the four 'Wee Willie' boxwoods, flagstone path, basalt pillar, birdbath, trellises and stone facing on the house.

In June we took some family photos in the garden, and I particularly liked this one with my favorite garden helper in the west garden.