December 4, 2012

Fall Pansies and Kale

Here are a few photos of the fall annual plantings at the Spokane LDS Temple.  Our director, Marilyn, put them together and I think the soft orange, warm plum and frothy mauve worked really well.

I've been taking a break from blogging for the past few weeks while my garden is going to sleep for the winter.  It has been nice to have more time for other projects.  I'll probably try to post once a month through the winter before picking up again in the spring.

One project that's been getting a lot of my creative energy is our living room remodel.  We removed a gas fireplace and added another window as well as updating most of the furniture and moving everything around.  Even though this is a garden blog, I'll probably post photos of the remodel when we finally finish everything.

My husband and son took care of most of the fall garden cleanup.  It was wonderful!  Now the evergreens and stones are keeping some structure going and it doesn't look too bad out there.

Even though I am looking forward to getting past the shortest days of the year and reaching next year's gardening season, it's nice to have a break from garden chores for a while.  Happy holidays to everyone!