January 22, 2020

Spring Centerpieces with Tulips and Hellebores

My garden is buried in snow right now, but spring is slowly getting closer.  I have pored over catalogs, placed orders for new perennials and am looking forward to another exciting growing season.  Here are some photos of centerpieces I created from garden and grocery store flowers last April.  We held dinner for my son's prom group, so I had fun setting a fancy table.

All of the tulips came out of my garden and include this double pink (name forgotten) and double white Mount Tacoma.

Along with the tulips, I added hellebore flowers like this lovely black one.  I'm pretty sure this is Madame Lemonnier, which starts pink then deepens into this interesting shade as it matures.

A couple of stems of Queen Anne's lace were leftover from a previous arrangement, so I tucked them in even though the blooms were on their last legs.

White alstromeria and mums were also salvaged from the aging grocery store bunch.

I wasn't sure if these stems of variegated white Aubrietia would make good cut flowers, but they held up well for a couple of days.  Twigs from my contorted filbert added wildness to the arrangements.

These hellebores are Double Queen, which open cream and age to green.  Greenery includes boxwood, honeywuckle, Biokovo geranium and Otto Luyken laurel.

All the ingredients combined to make delicate and feminine centerpieces.  I'm not sure if my son and his buddies really cared much about the flowers, but their dates enjoyed them.

Ah, can't wait for spring!

Soon we'll see greenery like this outside the dining room window instead of the snow that's on view now.