December 6, 2013

Fall Vase With Rose, Astrantia, Veronica, Pincushion and Lilyturf

Last week I posted arrangements of orange roses from the grocery store, so this week I dug out photos of an arrangement of orange roses from my garden.  The orange rose this time is the delicate 'Lady Emma Hamilton.'  It's tied with 'Abraham Darby' for best fragrance in my garden - pear, grape and citrus.  Absolutely wonderful.

This vase was put together back in October, well before the snow and frigid temperatures we're experiencing now.  Tonight the temperature is supposed to drop down to zero degrees F, minus windchill.  I'm nervous about whether my butterfly bushes will make it through. 

I keep having little panic attacks about the length of my To Do list for the month, so of course I procrastinated doing anything important this afternoon by playing with new Actions in Photoshop Elements.  Thank you Pioneer Woman and CoffeeShop blogs for your free PSE Actions.

Anyway, this arrangement also included pink dahlias, pink 'Red Fox' veronica, 'Mariposa Violet' pincushion flower (a warmer version of 'Fama'), lavender spikes from 'Big Blue' Lilyturf, 'Moulin Rouge' Astrantia, parsley, lady's mantle and lemon balm.

Depending on our spring weather, I've got 6 to 7 months before my roses start blooming again.  I'll have a nice break from deadheading, eh?

Here is a final close-up of the Astrantia, also known as masterwort.  I have 'Moulin Rouge,' 'Abbey Road' and the white species, but it's not enough.  I was very excited to see Bluestone Perennials offering 'Roma' - supposedly Piet Oudolf's favorite - for the first time next spring.  I quickly ordered a plant and look forward to using more of these lovely flowers in arrangements in years to come.