May 15, 2017

Mid May Flowers - GBBD 2017

The backyard is slowly starting to show color.  I read in a recent article that Washington is the only state in the nation to have a cooler than average spring.  But the 'Millstream Daphne' creeping phlox and 'Gloria' aubrieta groundcovers are finally in full bloom above.

In this photo one of the 'Royal Raindrops' crabapple trees echoes the blooms of a 'Velvet Lips' hellebore below.

From this angle you can see the almost finished addition on the back of our home.  Eight months into our 2.5 month project, we're nearly done!  And yes, it went over budget as well.  That's just construction, I guess.

This photo shows the three 'Royal Raindrops' crabapple trees with buds fully open.  Green leaves are filling in the garden below.

A shot of the southeast corner of the backyard reveals a 'Spring Snow' crabapple that has dropped most of its petals by this point.  The 'Katherine Havemeyer' lilacs don't have as many blooms this year as last year, but there have been plenty for me to cut and share with neighbors.

The path directly east of the house features chartreuse leaves against mauve and sky blue flowers.  The crabapple petals cover the ground like snow.

Last summer I transplanted several 'Jack Frost' and 'King's Ransom' brunnera plants to this area, and their true blue blooms are a welcome addition to the color palate.  Brunnera is one of my favorite plants for shade with beautiful leaves that sparkle after the flowers fade.  A few 'Negrita' tulips are reblooming this spring after being planted a couple of years ago, and a 'June' hosta is colorful at bottom left.

A final shot of the east path includes 'Lime Rickey' heuchera, 'Red Sensation' aubrieta and a mauve creeping phlox whose name is forgotten.  It's an exciting time of year in the garden, as many more flowers will open in the next few weeks.  Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day to help us document our flowers each month.

May 3, 2017

Tulip Season

The tulips are in peak bloom right now in the front yard.  I have a few later blooming types, but not as many as the 'Salmon Impression' and 'Jaap Groot' above.

A couple of weeks ago the front yard looked like this - turning green, but not very colorful.

This week it's full of color from the tulips and the 'Emerald Blue' creeping phlox.

I recently divided and transplanted several more 'Pink Tea Cup' Lenton roses (Helleborus) around the front flower beds.  They're at the end of their bloom season now.

Also blooming now are fluffy mounds of 'White Splendor' windflower (Anemone blanda).

A new 'Little Devil' ninebark (Physocarpus) adds maroon color to the scene.  I also planted several 'Mahogany' coral bells (Heuchera) around the front beds.  I like the way these plants connect the home to the yard by echoing the color of the shutters.

The 'Coral Supreme' peonies are lovely in leaf at the back of this photo, and in a couple of weeks they'll start adding their own bright color to the view.