December 12, 2008

Hurrah for the Gardening Husbands

I'm not talking about the husbands who love gardening for its own sake, though I think they're cool. I'm talking about husbands like mine, who love their resident gardener enough to tolerate and even support the habit! At least my husband knew what he was getting into - we spent part of our honeymoon wandering through Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, Canada. He smiled and nodded as I endlessly named flowers and expressed opinions on which ones I liked, and I knew I'd made a good choice when I picked him. By now he's had ten years to soak up the gardening minutiae about which I like to speak. He knows how to create good soil and could name most of the plants in our yard, though he might not admit that in public. Last year he planted seven rosebushes and fourteen large trees, dug out sod for new beds, worked manure into the soil, and even transplanted a prickly rose bush all of 10 inches without much grumbling (it looks SO much better in its new spot). The garden wouldn't happen without him.
Today is his birthday, so here's a special thanks to dear hubby - you're great!


  1. Happy Birthday to the gardening husband. A very nice post on him.

  2. You are so fortunate. My husband was always very willing to assist, but most of my landscaping and gardens were dug out and planted by me. That is why I can't lift or do heavy yard work; I over-did it and managed to do damage to my back. At this point, we now pay someone to rake and mulch in the fall and spring. If I didn't have the back problems, I would still be out there doing it all:) Happy Birthday to your hubby! Jan

  3. Yes! Here's to our husbands. Great post!

  4. VW, Happy birthday to the helping hubby! (Father and son look like twins).


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