August 11, 2009

Golden, Rosy, Peach & Periwinkle West Garden

A few other bloggers have mentioned that they'd like to see my garden. I'm afraid they wouldn't be very impressed with my 2 year old landscape. The front yard is going in the right direction, though the plants are still small. The backyard is just a holding area as I try out plants to see where they'd work best in the final backyard design. But I've been pleased with how the west garden bed is coming along. The photo above shows the bed in late June, with the 'Early Sunrise' coreopsis in full golden bloom, contrasting with deep blue-violet 'May Night' salvia and the unlabelled inherited lavender shrubs.

The view in late May and early June included 'Royal Amethyst' iris, shown here with MN salvia. Golden iris and puffballs of periwinkle-blue muscari made a nice contrast, though they aren't included in this picture.

This photo shows another angle of the June garden. You can see the daylily 'Stella d'Oro' blooming near the edge of the bed.

The daylilies have been the stars during July. Here 'Elizabeth Salter' is shown at the bottom, with Sue Rothbauer blooming in the photo's center.

I like the way this peachy 'Siloam Double Classic' daylily blends into the mix. More coreopsis (tickseed) is also shown here with the periwinkle blooms of 'Blue Clips' campanula from my grandmother's garden.

Three pots of no-name rosy-apricot dahlias were purchased from Lowe's on a whim and planted in the border. They look like pictures of 'American Dawn' dahlias in the White Flower Farm catalog, so that's what I'm calling them.

The photo above shows the repeating pattern of the bed. The lavender shrubs look sad after being sheared back following their bloom season. I might replace them with divisions of 'Walker's Low' catmint from the front yard, since WL keeps blooming all season.

Two 'Crown Princess Margareta' english roses were added after seeing a 2-pack for $20 at Costco this spring. At the north end of the bed, a similarly colored 'Teasing Georgia' english rose will be trained up a trellis against the white fence.

Here's another shot of the flower. This rose is supposed to be very hardy, so the two plants should make good climbers on the black trellises I brought home from Lowe's this week.

I'll finish with this shot of the garden as it appeared about 10 minutes ago. The trellises add some nice height to the narrow bed and should look even better next year when the english roses are clambering up them. Well, everything should look better next year: the salvia and dahlias will be taller, the daylilies filled out and more floriferous. But this season's photos show promise, don't you think?


  1. Hi VW ~~ Promise? Yes indeed!! Even now your design skills are evident, especially with plant placement and color theme. You wisely, didn't use every color in the rainbow so your borders look well thought out and calming, rather than chaotic and stress inducing. This spring I found roses at Costco too. Great deals!

  2. Promise, yes. Just beautiful. I love the narration.

  3. I am most impressed. It is clear you put a great deal of thought into all you do in the garden. That first shot is simply fabulous!

  4. Lovely colour sense, and I like the mass blocks of colour in the first few frames. The trellises from Lowe's were a find; a small addition that makes a big difference.

  5. The roses are quite a treat and look wonderful year they will look stellar on those trellises! It's an absolutely lovely garden~~the iris and salvia make the perfect couple. gail

  6. It looks great! I love the combinations you have. I can tell you think things out before you plant them (unlike me most of the time). The roses are gorgeous!

  7. I really like the peachy/orangey colors with the blues/lavenders. Really nice! Love the English roses.

  8. VW, I just spent an hour perusing your blog. I'm thinking you just might be a godsend...I need help. I'm relatively new to the Spokane area, and we just bought a new home in N. spokane with NO LANDSCAPING. No topsoil, even. I need some help designing a yard. Can I hire you? Please? I need not only your design talents, but your knowledge of local nurseries and native flora. If you're interested, please email me at

  9. Quite, quite lovely! Color, form, rhythm--you've got it!

  10. Hi [again] VW~~ Thought I'd comment on your comment on my blog. [Did that make sense?] LOL

    I can't really detect any mauve in this particular daylily but I suppose I don't have a very well-trained eye. Cosmos: The photos are of 'Double Click' mix. I wanted the Bonbon seeds but never got around to ordering and with the former sitting there on the seed rack seducing me, well, I'm weak. I gave away a few of my seedlings and wouldn't you know it, my neighbor got one of what looks exactly like Bonbon. I think I might steal seeds from it and see if they come true next year. Anyway, I hope this clarifies the color differences. Truthfully most of the plants from this seed packet look more like 'Seashells' cosmos with the tubular petals. Not bad but not exactly "double."

  11. For a two year old garden, it looks mighty fine. Lots of beautiful color and that rose, be still my heart.~~Dee


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