September 14, 2009

Mugshots: 3 Mostly Peach Daylilies, Part I

As promised, I am continuing my daylily mugshots series with three of the pinky-peach daylilies in my yard. It's hard to rate the exact color, but I think these blooms are more peach than pink. That's why they are here instead of back in the pink daylilies posts. As you can see in the above picture, even the wilted blooms are kind of pretty. But here we go with the 'real' pictures and info.

1. Siloam Double Classic - 10 in tall scapes, 5 in flowers, early-midseason, from Oakes
Some catalogs call this one pink, but if you asked me to quick - name that color, I'd say peach. Both pastels are there, though. The blooms are sweet and smaller than some of my others; maybe they reach 5 inches wide on a more established plant. My plants are growing in the challenging morning-shade/intense-afternoon-sun bed on the west of my home, but they seem to handle the conditions all right. All of the daylilies over there had spider mites on the leaves by August, but the plants responded well to some extra showers from the hose to wash off the mites.

2. Autumn Wood - 24 in tall scapes, 5.5 in flowers, mid-late, dormant, from White Oak Nursery

This daylily is orange sherbet with rose-kissed petals and a golden throat: good enough to eat! The ruffled blooms looked especially nice next to blue-purple mealycup sage (Salvia farinacea 'Victoria'). I can't wait to see a big mass of them blooming in a few years. I first noticed the flowers in the Oakes Daylilies catalog, but the $40 price tag turned me off. I was pleased to order them from White Oak Nursery for $8 each instead.

3. Smoky Mountain Autumn - 18 in tall scapes, 5.75 in blooms, early, dormant, from White Oak Nursery

This was another daylily I noticed in the Oakes catalog for $40 but ordered from White Oak Nursery for $8 (the plants that arrived were smaller than from Oakes, but were a better value for the price). The color is similar to 'Dublin Elaine', but deeper. Maybe this one would have fit better with the pink daylilies, oh well. It's a beauty either way.

While planning a new design for my front yard, I tried to edit. Really. I'm not trying to create a daylily museum; I want a well designed garden. So I edited out . . . one daylily, Barbara Mitchell. She was given to a gardener friend, and the rest of the numerous cultivars found a place in the new design. But then I ordered 'Princess Ellen' from Oakes, so that cancels out my edit. Oops. I'd beg you to help me overcome my plant-collecting tendencies, but I'm not ready to be that disciplined yet. So please just smile at my madness and enjoy more mugshots posts.


  1. VW~~ You crack me up. I, as one of your faithful readers and fellow plant-a-holics, could no more help you than help myself and I'm not about to do that. LOL And so the real challenge for people like us is to find the balance between plant hoarding and good design. For me the most workable solution has been to use containers when I'm not sure where a plant should go. I know you said you've got a holding area which, I must admit, requires more discipline than I've got. ... Your peachy daylilies are works of art. I love the petal formation and ruffly edges. The first photo with the complementary blue and yellow is quite a stunning tableau. ... It sure pays to price compare, doesn't it?

  2. It has been such a treat to look at all of your beautiful lilies. The pink mystery lily looks something like a Elodie that I just planted for fall.I have been on a lily kick lately and have planted so many for fall planting for next season. The deers will most likely have a feast on them next year. Get well.

  3. I can't help you VW, I have my own issues with plants and design. What I love a;bout daylilies is how quickly a small plant can grow into a show stopper...I wouldn't hesitate to go with the $8 plants! The peachy daylilies are scrumptious! gail

  4. Phooey on discipline! I view the garden as a fluid place...always changing and evolving. Love the double daylilies.

  5. What a beautiful set of day lilies. we do not have the double one available here. the pink one is also looking marvelous. thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi VW, discipline?????????? If we were disciplined we would have perfectly neat predictable symmetrical boring gardens. Enjoy the daylilies. Cheers, catmint.

  7. What a difference in price, the $8 one will be huge by next summer anyway. I really like Autumn Wood. There is so many beautiful daylilies now, how to narrow down the choice.

  8. You just need to rework your definition of a plant and your collecting ways will mesh up perfectly with your design goals. All your dayliles are in the the same color family, right? So if you just brush aside a little detail like cultivar differences, you actually don't have ENOUGH diversity in your garden.

    Break out the plant catalogs, it's time to order!


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