June 23, 2010

Bearded Iris in Pink, Blue and Violet

Here are photos of some of the bearded iris I have in bloom. Above is the border bearded iris 'Pink Bubbles.' It's a bit smaller and blooms slightly earlier than the tall bearded iris.

The rest of these are tall bearded iris. This one is 'Rippling River', which has great rippling ruffles and a sweet fragrance.

Another shot of 'Rippling River'. Some of the stems leaned over under the weight of the flowers. These aren't planted in full sun, and we've had an unusual amount of rain this month. Perhaps they'd be sturdier in full sun and with less rain.

This flower bed features 'Rapture in Blue' bearded iris, mauve pincushion flower (Scabiosa), '6 Hills Giant' catmint (Nepeta) and a white 'Rolling Cloud' siberian iris in the background.

Here's another shot of 'Rapture in Blue'. It's so elegant - I think I need a dress that looks like this!

Here is the unnamed iris from my grandmother's garden. It looks like 'Titan's Glory' to me, and it has a wonderful fragrance.

Here's another view of grandma's purple iris, with 'Esther Reed' daisies on the left and a forest of delphiniums ready to burst into bloom.

This is 'Mer du Sud', which is nearly the same color as 'Rippling River'. It doesn't smell as good or have as many ruffles as RR, but none of the stems bent over.

I'll finish with another shot of 'Rippling River.' You can see a slight variation in the color between this picture and the one above. All of these iris change color a bit in different light, making a pretty show all day. None of them bloom more than once in a season, but that makes for less deadheading, so I'm not complaining.


  1. Hi VW,

    Very nice indeed, such great focal points to have in the garden!

  2. You had me with the "pink, blue and violet" in the title!

    I'd love to grow irises with my shasta daisies, but in my zone, most irises are finished by the time the daisies are cranking up.

    Your selection of colors is spectacular. I've grown bearded irises in the past, but none here so far. I just cannot make up my mind which color I want!


  3. Your Iris are so vibrant and lush. The violet is intense and I love it!

    This has been a good year for my Irises too. Most of my Iris were gifts and colors that I did not pick. I will have to add some brighter colors because yours rock!

    1. Maybe we all could trade?? I have my great gm's iris. found out after many years it is mme Chereau.. also have others but rippling ans rapture in blue are awesome as is your gma's,,, jamesfriendly@yahoo.com if possible.. thanks!

  4. Wow, those are beautiful! I love the color and with the daisies they are very pretty.
    I had TWO iris blooms ... I don't think they got enough sun.

  5. It's iris season, and the garden is flooded with colour. I like all of your darker blues, with variations in ruffling. The silvery colour of 'Rapture in Blue' looks good against the Nepeta.

    I know what you mean about the changing light and purple/blue ones. I can never decide if mine are blue or purple, as it all depends on the time of day, and angle of the sun.

  6. I love the ruffled edges of you Irises! I just love them and really wish they bloomed for longer, mine are already finished. Guess I need to find some that bloom later or rebloom.

  7. I just love bearded iris, especially the variety of colors. Most iris in our area have finished blooming a couple of months ago, so it is nice to see yours :-)

  8. You're right; with all their ruffles, silky look, and amazing colors, these irises could inspire a whole collection of designer dresses. -Jean

  9. Hi VW, I always adore your mugshots. I have to admit though, your first shot, PINK was my favorite. But all of your irises are lovely, regal and elegant. Nice post.

  10. My iris have come and gone already and were not so showy this year. I need to divide them. Yours are lovely. I love the wonderful shades of blue and purple.

  11. Hi VW,
    I found your blog while I was doing a google search on bearded irises. I was excited to find someone else who, like me, loves gardens, photography and is also LDS!!! My bearded irises are my "babies" and I wait with baited breath each Spring to see how many of my new plants come in to flower for the first time. I sometimes think I should've been born in the UK because I adore English cottage gardens. I live in Tasmania, so its Spring right now and my garden is just gorgeous at the moment. We're still getting enough rain to keep everything looking fresh and green. You can check out some of my irises on my blog. :)


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