November 2, 2010

Warts: Better on These Squash than on Your Nose

This ghostly, warty white squash isn't exactly cute, but it's the perfect all-natural decoration for Halloween.

Here's another warty white oddity, and I wish I'd caught a better picture of the starfish-shaped squash at the bottom left. All of these warts were on display during our recent visit to Knapp's Farm in Greenbluff, WA.

Most people try to hide their warts when visitors are coming, but Knapp's Farm brought them all out to show off. Well, at least the squashy ones.

I was amazed at all the beautiful color combinations on these squash.

I should have bought some to bring home, but it was hopeless to try and pick favorites. So I just keep shooting pictures instead.

We did bring home some highly anticipated, new-crop Honeycrisp apples. If you've never tasted Honeycrisps, you are missing out on the most amazing apple ever. I don't know why anyone eats Red Delicious anymore with Honeycrisps around.

This basket sported warts in several stylish colors on squash with highly varied shapes.

I saved the best for last. Just try to tell me that this lime-green apple-shaped warty wonder isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen. Thank heaven my face doesn't look like this, but all those warts are so fun on a gourd.


  1. They are fun! Great colors and photos. I totally agree we would not want those warts on our faces. ;>))

  2. I prefer the warts on the squash and gourds for autumn displays. More texture. More interesting. One of my favorite tabletop displays and so easy!

  3. I remember the first time I saw the warty squahes and pumpkins~Not sure I liked them, but I do now. The Osage Orange is a treat to find~I think that's your green apple warty thing! gail

  4. Such a fun post. We visited Knapp Farm when we were in Spokane several months ago. Green Bluff is a beautiful place! I actually really like those warts.

  5. Those are such fun gourds! I love the warty ones.

  6. Hi!
    I love gardening too.
    The colors in the pictures are so beautiful that I could not resist having a second look and then a third one. Autumn definitely has a lot of charm in its own way :)

  7. Ha! I was just commenting today that Honeycrisp apples are amazing! The sadness that hits at the grocer when I realize they are no longer available is just heartbreaking!

    Beautiful photos of the warty squash!

  8. These are cool for sure, VW. I want that last one!! I suppose this just goes to prove that everything has its rightful place. Warts belong on gourds!


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