February 14, 2011

Floral Valentines Cupcakes and Hellebore Fest Trip

Happy Valentine's Day! There are a dozen women who work at my husband's office, and this year I decided to do something for them for V-Day. I picked up glass votive holders from Target, several bunches of carnations from the grocery store, and some ribbon. Here they are, all packed in a box-top for easy transport to the office.

They have a nice clove scent and kind of look like cupcakes, except without the calories. At the end I added little black bows for a finishing touch. Now I just need to get my youngest daughter all dressed up in her red-and-black outfit with matching heart-antennae-headband and go deliver them together.

My darling Valentine gave me a great gift this year. After listening to me moon over the gorgeous Winter Jewels hellebores that are bred by Marietta O'Burnes in Oregon and offered to retail customers during just a couple of weekends each year, he suggested I take a little trip next weekend to pick out some hellebores myself!

So on Friday I'm flying and driving to Eugene, Oregon, and on Saturday morning I'll be at the Northwest Garden Nursery Open Garden Days to buy some hellebores and take lots of pictures for blogging. Although a few catalogs offer a Winter Jewel hellebore or two, these plants are seedling grown and exhibit some variation in flower, so you have to pick them out in bloom to be sure of the exact coloring.

Are any of your Oregon bloggers going to make it? If you want to see pictures of these amazing plants, click here for single flowers and here for doubles. Or you can come back next week and see what I've come up with on my little adventure.

I had to add a photo of my delivery-girl helper for flowers and cards today. So sweet!


  1. I'm sure they will all LOVE their valentine floral cupcakes. They are so pretty!! Have fun on your trip. :)

  2. What a lovely Valentines gift from your husband, if you are flying into Portland and driving down to Eugene you should stop at the Convention Center and visit the Yard, Garden, & Patio show! It starts Friday and runs through Sunday...and it's great fun! (http://ygpshow.com/)

    I've never made it to NW Garden Nursery,, it's been on my list for a couple of years. Maybe after seeing your pictures I'll get motivated to make it happen. Have fun!

  3. Hi VW,

    Lovely photos, and lovely gesture!

    I hope you had a wonderful day with your daughter delivering the bouquets and perhaps received one of your own! :)

  4. WHAT a nice person you are!!! And you're teaching your daughter those same thoughtful skills. :-) Now... about those hellebores! What a nice hubby you have! Have a wonderful time!! And Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  5. That's very generous of you, VW, and what a cute little helper. You clearly deserve that hellebore trip. What fun!

  6. What a wonderful gift idea~and your helper is adorable. You lucky gardener~the flower show sounds wonderful~I have a Winter jewel hellebore~'Golden Lotus'. Mine is yellow and it's beautiful. Have fun! gail

  7. What a cute little delivery gal. I love that smile.

    Although I'm only 40 miles from Eugene, I probably won't be going. I look forward to your post! And have a fabulous time.

  8. So very nice. Your little delivery girl is a doll.
    I would love to see some of those Hellebores! nice!

  9. hi vw, fun and creative way to contribute to v.d. your delivery girl looks gorgeous and so-o-o enthusiastic. i am a hellebore freak so i look forward to the next post. cheers, cm

  10. Hey... lovely pictures girl! Your helper is super-cute too - I have one of those and he's great at gardening.

  11. What a great Valentine's gift -- both yours for your husband's co-workers and his for you! Your delivery girl is a charmer; but then you already knew that :-). Love the antennae. -Jean


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