November 10, 2011

Garden Accessories in Classic Black

Garden accessories are a nice addition to the landscape, but many times they start to look cluttered. Although some people can bring together various materials, colors and finishes and have them look good together, I'm not so confident in my ability to pull that off. So I'm sticking with basic black.

The fountain and birdbath are from the same collection and both sit in the backyard.

This combo on the back patio looked OK in the spring . . .

. . . and better in the summer with the addition of a chair and a backdrop of filled out plants.

The front porch sports a bench in the same style as the chairs in the backyard.

And the side yard includes black metal trellises that tie it in with the rest. Since each side of the yard has a different plant palette and color scheme, the similar styles of the accessories are helpful in unifying all the parts.


  1. Your basic black looks very elegant.

  2. I really like the way it looks.

    I kind of have a cacophony of color--need to do some editing next year!

  3. Black goes with everything and does look classic in the garden. I like your planter flanked bench in front.

  4. You make a very good point. I have the same chairs plus a matching table--love them.

  5. I love all of your garden accessories. And the black goes so well with your neutral house.

    Fountains are so magical, aren't they?! Ours felt extravagant when we bought it, but I have enjoyed it every time I see it. And it creates a peaceful atmosphere for our patio.

  6. Hi VW, I love the way the accessories are all black, they contrast wonderfully with the different shades of green in the top pics and kind of merge into the background in relation to the many coloured flower beds. And when it snows it must look so-o-o elegant with the garden all in black and white. cheers, catmint

  7. Hi VW,

    No real ornaments here; mainly due to a lot of them being cheap, or plain old nasty. Then when I do find something I like they're often very expensive. Apparently if you have taste/style then you're also expected to be wealthy.

    I do like the blacks you've chosen - and I would probably do the same! I like simple elegance, and often black is just that.

  8. Love your garden ornamentation, VW. Very nice.

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