February 20, 2013

Finally Some Flowers to Photograph

The hellebores in my garden are warming up for their best show ever.  'Pink Tea Cup' (first four photos) started blooming a month ago, in the middle of January.

This plant has a lot more flowers than last year.  So many things in life don't get better with age - isn't it nice that plants do?

Here's another view of one of my two 'PTC' hellebores.

I'm waiting for the first ever blooms on my double pink 'Kingston Cardinal' hellebore.  Pale pink double 'Cotton Candy' and rose and white 'Peppermint Ice' hellebores will soon be sporting blooms as well.

The leaves of 'Velvet Lips' hellebore look like sea monsters emerging from the ground.  Did I mention that last year?  Well, that's what I always think when I see them.

'Double Queen' is getting ready to open spotted cream double flowers.

Here are buds on my  'Apricot Blush' hellebore, which happen to be entirely yellow without any apricots or blushing involved.

And finally here's a bud on the double 'Golden Lotus' hellebore.  Spring is coming!


  1. I hope spring comes soon! I like the pictures. The hellebore are always very nice and bring a bit of color when most things are busy waiting for warmer weather.

  2. Hi VW,

    It looks to me like you've had a very warm winter this year? Surely you're supposed to still have snow on the ground now?
    Your Hellebores are even ahead of mine! Mine continue to tease me with their buds which have looked to be on the cusp of blooming for a month or so now. I love the pink one... Might see if I can get it here!

  3. I got a hellebore (my first) from a neighbor last fall, but it did not survive the winter. I'm thinking I may need to try again! It would be so lovely to have some blooms to look at right now.
    By the way, I was very glad to find your blog. I also live in Eastern Washington, and it seems that nearly all the Washington gardening blogs belong to folks out west, who happen to live in totally different growing conditions!
    Also, your work at the temple is lovely. I've admired it every time I've gone. :)

  4. I love your hellebore! I left the following on my site for you... so far I can't find your e-mail to send these things your way....

    Black Tulip doesn't work here... it's not as hardy as listed. If you want hardy, late blooming magnolias with 4-6 weeks of bloom, look at Song Sparrow Nursery on the web. The very best are the ones hybridized by Dennis Ledvina and he will be listed as the hybridizer. There are a few other nurseries that carry my friend Dennis' plants as he is just starting to be known throughout the world. He did a recent article on magnolias for the British Horticultural Journal. I will check your web site and see if your e-mail is there... if so, I'll send photos of Hesphestos... it's gorgeous when covered with blooms and I'll try and send some mag info as well. Larry

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm actually just south of you, in Pullman: rolling hills covered with wheat & lentils, as far as the eye can see. It's pretty, but I miss trees! (We moved here from Missouri.) Take care!

  6. I like the doubles so much, though I don't have any. Might be time to change that!! Your double Cotton Candy is a goodie!!

  7. VW girl how are you !
    We share a lot of hellebore but needless to say , you are way ahead of me with them peeking out for Spring.
    Apricot Blush is exactly like that .. gold yellow foliage, but the flower will be more apricot, so don't worry !
    You will love Peppermint Ice .. it is so pretty .. I have ordered Ballerina Ruffles and Penny's Pink for this year .. I can't seem to stop collecting hellebore for some reason ? haha
    Lovely pictures girl !
    Joy : )


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