March 20, 2013

Bits of Spring Color

There is color in the garden, but you have to look closely to see it.  This is the season of taking photos while crouching low, kneeling on squishy lawn, getting mud on your fingers when you reach down to steady yourself . . . giving the neighbors more reasons to scratch their heads and wonder how you got so strange. 

The first of the 'Tete a Tete' mini daffodils are blooming.  I planted several hundred more last fall, so there should be a good show in a week or two. 

The 'Grand Maitre' crocuses are closed tightly today because of rain, and the bees are hiding away instead of visiting them.  I ran outside a couple times when the showers paused to snap a few photos. 

The red shoots of the three 'Coral Supreme' peonies are just as showy as the little spring bulbs.  I transplanted this one last week so it probably won't be very happy this season. 

'Jap Groot' tulip leaves are variegated pink and white.  The creamy yellow flowers won't show up for at least a month. 

'Barr's Purple' tommy crocuses are nearly done blooming.  The warmer than usual weather finished them off quickly, but it seemed a small sacrifice to enjoy some sunshine and warmth.

A closeup of 'Blue Star' juniper shows its steely blue color with a touch of pink for winter.  As the shrubs get larger in the front yard, I feel satisfied with the amount of winter interest from the evergreen shrubs and perennials as well as the boulders.  Now I just have to get the backyard to this point. 


  1. Yes, I'm sure my neighbors look at me strange too. But this time of year is so exciting!

  2. Hi VW,

    Haha, and this is why I don't tend to show much of my front garden because I don't like being out there with people watching me craw around in the mud... Take just now for example, I went out to see how my recently planted Epimedium are doing as it's due to snow fairly heavily tomorrow and I'm wondering if they'll survive. Neighbour across the road must think I'm really strange staring at plants or taking photos of them.


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