October 21, 2014

Still Blooming

Even as the trees lose their leaves and other plants are turning brown, a few types of flowers are happily blooming.  I'm so tickled to finally have a Japanese anemone that can handle our winters (A. robustissima, above).  I was getting tired of murdering the poor things.

Several of the English roses are regularly producing buds and blooms, and each flower lasts a long time in the cool temperatures.  'Charles Rennie Mackintosh' looks nice next to the feathery chartreuse leaves of an 'Ogon' spirea.

  'Abraham Darby' (above) and 'Eglantyne' are putting out a steady stream of large, luscious flowers in the front yard, plus a few here and there on 'Princess Alexandra of Kent', which is less established.  I have several from AD in a vase on the kitchen table right now, and their fragrance can be enjoyed whenever I sit down.

Perky little 'Harlow Carr' is still blooming in front of violet asters and yellowing Siberian Iris foliage.

I have many 'Rozanne' geraniums scattered around the yard, and they are all covered with flowers.  A few bees venture out when it warms up in the afternoon, but it seems many of them are already going to sleep for winter.

'Totally Tangerine' geum has become a much appreciated long bloomer in my garden.  I am not a big orange lover, but these rosy-orange blooms on airy stems have made a place for themselves on my favorites list. 


  1. Very pretty! I love rose blooms, especially the Old English ones, but don't grow many roses due to the thorns. I am excited to be able to grow Geums now that I live further North. That is a pretty one, but I am quite partial to orange :)

  2. I used to have that anemone... It was a love/hate relationship. I absolutely loved the foliage and flowers, but it became too aggressive for its own good! And when I had to redo the bed, it had to leave. Hopefully, I can claim a restricted area someday and plant it again! :-)

  3. Are your geums still blooming? Mine only bloom in the spring. Gorgeous photos. I love Abraham Darby, too. It's one of my favorite roses.

    1. My 'Totally Tangerine' geums bloomed on and off from May until now, and my 'Firestorm' geums bloomed a lot in the spring, then put out a couple of flowers last month. I love geum!


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