February 21, 2015

First Little Spring Flowers

We are enjoying an early spring this year, and the hellebores and first crocuses are already open.
This 'Golden Lotus' hellebore (Lenten Rose) is the earliest plant to flower, and one of the prettiest in my garden.
'Berry Swirl' is about to open on the east side of the house. 
'Golden Bunch' crocuses are blooming in clusters around the front and west yards.  The clusters grow in size each year since they are happy in well drained soil and plenty of sun. 
Their vivid color makes up for their small size.  The first buds appeared three weeks ago at the beginning of February, and now they're nearly done blooming for the year.
'Firefly' crocuses popped up a couple of weeks ago in the backyard.  Their pale color blends in to the ground unless the sun comes out, and then they open widely to make a cheerful show.
These should continue to increase in number each year as well, so eventually they'll make a thick swathe of lilac across the front of the main sunny backyard bed.
Afternoon temperatures reached the 50's last week, which made spring garden chores much more pleasant.  The next week should be colder, which is probably good so plants don't leaf out too far and then be killed back by hard frost.  And it will give me more time to complete my garden 'To Do' list a little at a time.


  1. Hi VW,

    Wow, you really are having an early spring!! Usually it's a few weeks or a month after we have ours that you post photos of your own.
    The problem with an early spring is that you also have an early summer, and everything finishes much earlier - we had the same last year; by August flowers were sparse.

    I hope your nice weather continues. We've had some very nice spring days recently, today we were due rain and it's been sleet/snowing! Nothing has settled so far... I just wish forecasters would predict a little more accurately.

  2. Oh how gorgeous! I wish I were seeing some signs of spring in my garden, but, alas! we still have several feet of snow.


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