March 12, 2015

Plenty of Purple Croci

A smattering of purple Croci are blooming across the front yard flower beds right now.  I looked it up, and the plural of crocus can be croci or crocuses.  But by whatever name, finally, flowers again! 

These 'Grande Maitre' Crocus blooms look more purple or violet depending on the lighting.  After several years of multiplying, plus a few more planted here and there in fall, there are quite a few cheerful clusters.

After months of feeling hungry for sunlight and vibrant color, it feels great to enjoy both each time I walk out front to get the mail.  This winter was fairly mild, but even mild winters are very dark for us this far north.

I have been working away at the spring garden chores, including pruning all the roses and crabapple trees.  Crabs require an awful lot of pruning to promote a nice form, which sometimes makes me wish I had planted more easy dogwoods instead.  But they're planted now and so they're staying.  Probably. 

I'm hoping to get some compost spread this weekend with the help of my dear hubby, and then the garden will be completely ready for spring.  Of course we'll be careful not to bury any of these sweet little clusters of 'Barr's Purple' Crocus tommasinianus (a.k.a. tommies, above), which are growing in the front yard along with larger and deeper 'Grand Maitre'.

The 'Ruby Giant' tommies that I planted last fall in the backyard are blooming now as well.  By next year they will be clusters instead of single blooms.  With so many things in life depreciating from year to year--like the face of a gardener who spends too much time in the sun--it's especially nice to grow a garden that just keeps getting better. 


  1. Crocus and daffodils are my very, very favorite bulbs. I love to see them in bloom.

  2. Hooray for spring! You're right--no matter how warm the winter has been, those early blooms cheer up my heart. Take care, friend!

  3. I love the purples of Spring! My daughter is on a mission in the Netherlands and crocus are popping up every. Masses of them in the grass... so beautiful!


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